Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GRIET, Hyderabad-27 Feb 2011

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GRIET, Hyderabad-27 Feb 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai Friends,

    I'm Prathyusha from GRIET.

    Well we had a campus recruitment drive of mphasis?this is the third time am attending a campus selection in my college?.the very first two companys I lost in my writtern test.

    I hardly managed to hav an  aggregate 60+%.

    I almost lost my hope fr getting a job in an MNC?but had a very strong determination.

    LET me explain u abt my preparation on the before day of my interview:
    I collected all the information about the company from the web, and this site has helped me a lot..i started reading all the candidate experiences frm the selected ppl of mphasis ?and I stated preparing certain questions from the previous interviews of here is my collection.
    Just go through this:
    1) why  should I hire u?

    2)Differentiate C & C++?

    3) Program on is it prime No in C?

    4)Where did you see after 5 years?

    5) Are u relocatable?

    6)Why MphasiS?

    7)prepare company details?

    8)write a program to swap no without using third variable?

    10what is polymorphism?

    11)R: What you want to be after 5 years?

    12)Strengths and weakness?

    13)Diff between C and C++, C++ and Java etc?

    14)Function overloading?

    16)Fibonacci numbers?

    15) what is diff. between link list and array?

    16) name  some protocols ?

    I thoroughly prepared for these questions the before n8?I hardly prepared for an hour!



    The day on 28th Feb, 2011. In my college there are approximately 200 students attended the aptitude which 38 students were selected for the next round

    Consultancy for recruitment into Mphasis is Aspiring Minds and the selection procedure is as follows.

    1) Written test
    2) Group Discussion
    3) HR interview
    4) versant (Verbal Communication Test)
    Written Test:
    The paper consists of four sections

    1.Comprehension  reading(2 passages,10 qns-10M)

    2.Logical reasoning(15Q-15M)

    3.Numerical Ability(15Q-15M)

    4.Tecnical qns frm C&Ds,C++,Java,OS,DBMS(20Q-20M).

    There was no negative marking at the written paper so do try to attempt all the questions for a better chance of selection.
    They announced the result of aptitude with in an hour?and I was selected..and the next round was group discussion?..luckly we dnt hav it that day bcz of time complexity?.i went to the nxt round hr interview? very tensed and  nervous bcz this is my very first interview?.first time am facing a hr.
    But had a trust on myself?.and nw am confident.
    Sugession: I dint attempt a gd,but please speak proper valid statements in coordination with your group.
    My name was 1st on the list of my panel
    2. HR interview
    I entered the room..i dnt close the door..facing him with a smiling face..acting artificial confidence..

    He asked me to close the door.i did..and smiled back..he was totally cool.all my nervousness left out looking at his face?I saw him in the preplacement talk.

    Hr:good morning devi
    Me:very good morning sir
    Hr:well u r prathyusha devi right,can I call u devi
    Me:ya sure
    Hr:how is ur day?
    Me:it was too good.
    Hr:how r u feeling now?
    Me:I was really very excited.since this was the very 1st time am facing a hr..(with a glowing face).
    Hr: Ok.tell about urself?
    Me: I'm fathers name X,occupation:business..i was born in a village were we don?t hav a good education..i hav done all my schooling there..later we moved to the city during my inter..were I used to think there is no sence of practical education.they hardly made me to byheart the subject and cum out with a good %.but I hate that sort of education..were there r no educational values..later I joined griet..and started learning frm basics..we had a vry gud practical education with gud decipline.i nvr used to open all in one..only txtbuks and all blab la bla.
    Hr:strengths and weaknesses?
    Me:positive attitude is always my strength.
    Cumming to weakness: sir I always look for perfection,,I think  it dosent work at times. He asked for an example: in my earlier aptitude test I never used to clear it?just because I always get to stick on the same problem until I solve I couldn?t manage my time and lost them.
    Hr: so u say perfection is not needed?
    Me: no no not at all..thats wat I specified it dosent work at times..perfection is always twat I say is .we must plan,organize things before we do.
    Hr:whats ur aim or goal,wer do u want to see your self?
    I want to reach a pinnacle in my working stream..i mi8 be a well recognized position and to stang idol among a group .i dnt know wat it is exactly.but had a strong determination to stand myself


    Hr:hav u ever been leaving your parents?

    Me:no.i hav never been leaving them till tday
    Hr:so are u relocatable?
    Me:yes,because I often luv visiting new places,I like to live in diffrnt societies with different people and I like to read various sorts of their mind sets
    Hr:software proficiency?
    Me:I was technically gud at java
    Hr:let us assume u r selected in som company.wer they hav got a new project for dotnet .they assigned  it
    to 500 employes with huge requirement..u r one of them.but u r nt gud at dotnet and u r a fresher?nw how could u explain ur boss?
    Me:I dnt answer it properly,somehow I managed with no remark.
    Hr:any questions for me?
    Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its my turn nw
    Me:do u hav job satisfaction?
    Hr:  he started telling something?.i dnt listen to him properly.but pretended as if am interested to listen by luking in his eyes
    Me:tell me abt the environment around u in your company?
    Hr:done the same
    There are still more questions yet ask him?but I stopped tnkng ?not to act oversmart?
    I gav him a compliment that his seminar was too gud during preplacement talk

    Hr:thank u!

    Me:thanking him with a firm handshake.
    All there are apart from my technical questions

    Sugessions:donot loose proper eye bold and confident..dont address him frequently as formal and gentle,put all ur views.

    Here out of 38 , 19 got rejected and 19 got selected?and here am sure that I could attend the nxt round with a confidence on my performance?nw then nxt round versant test ?

    We got to know about the versant test on the nxt day.we thought that it was too easy and I wish I could do it?.it is a telephonic process..where it is a machinery human involved.

    Versant (Verbal Communication Test)
    Tere are seven phrases here

    1:read the sentences as instructed

    2:repeat the sentence as directed

    3:answer the question in short(the question itself contains the answer)

    4:rearrage the words and frame a sentence

    5:story retelling

    6.answer the questns in 40 sec?general or personnel

    I think this is the toughest round?easy to hear but hard to answer.any ways if ur good at vocabulary with good accent.u can do it.its better for the people who often watch HBO,starplus etc..during this process u cum across American,mexican,French accent of English.very hard to understand and cant make it in the given time of 10sec.but if u r gud at listening skills u can do it.  Be carefull here bcz u r luck dosent work.its computer graded.
    All among the 19.none of dem hav done gud.even I lost my hope,but with gods grace I did it finally.the result was mailed on the same day..and to my surprise my name was there.i cant believe it very exited thank god. Meet you in mphasis (Bangloore).
    My special thanks to

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