Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Geetanjali College Of Engineering-14 Sep 2010

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Geetanjali College Of Engineering-14 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Vamsi Krishna. The Selection Procedure for Mphasis is as follows.

    Consultancy for recruitment into Mphasis is Aspiring Minds and the selection procedure is as follows.

    1) Written test
    2) Group Discussion
    3) HR interview

    Selection process for Mphasis is a bit slow when compared to other companies. I had my first round on June 18th. But my GD and interview is conducted on September 14th in Geetanjali college of Engineering.

    Written test is not too difficult quantitative is easy and the selection criteria is mainly based on vocabulary section and sorry i could not give you details of my written test because it was too long back i had written the exam. We are made to assemble in the seminar hall by 9am. HRs were too late and we had Pre Placement Talk listen to the PPT carefully because some of us had few questions on the ppt

    Round II

    This is a Group Discussion round as i told you before filtering is done mostly in this round. Generally each group consist of 15 or 16 memebers. In my batch it is 15, time for the discussion is 15 min and 5 were selected. Mphasis HR follows all the fundementals in GD where some companies don't. In my group one person spoken continuously without giving chance to others. Hence he was not selected and one person told some innovative points but he too not selected for the reason talking slowly and slang should not come while you telling talk english like English. One girl was not selected for this reason judge gives time to speak for everyone. Listen to you are friend points and maintain eye contact with team mates. Don't look on to the judge and you should come out from the belief that "Only the highly talkative guys will be selected". You talk and give opportunity for others to talk also. Sitting posture is also very important. Try to take imitation if possible.

    Be cool and free, Don't be too serious. Just have some refreshment before you go for GD.

    No need to worry about the topics. Most of them are easy. Topic given to our batch is Love vs Arranged as the topic is easy and the time is low. So there are few cross talks while the GD is running. GD is conducted for total of 267 members and 80 got through in this round.

    Round III

    HR round is easy. Most of us got questions from Resume itself
    HR: Tell about your self
    Me: Told
    HR: Asked about tech paper I presented
    Me: Told
    HR: What is B tech???
    Me: I told Bachelor of technology
    HR: Why have you opted for it?
    Me: Compared Bsc and B tech and told the adv of practical exp we had here...
    HR: Family
    Me: Told
    HR: If you got better opportunity in US and that company is the best in every aspect than Mphasis will you go?
    Me: Told something. But i was sure that 90 percent I have convinced...
    HR: Any more questions to ask
    Me: I asked him about training.
    HR: Thnak you
    Me: Thank you

    HR is friendly but he checked my stress levels by showing a variety of expressions on his face and some of my friends got the questions from project, Diff between C and C++, C++ and Java etc,very few technical questions. But all of them are standard don't lose your smile in the interview rum. Read your resume 100 times and prepare yourself 90 percent of the questions will be on your resume. One of my friend wrote watching cricket as his hobby in resume.
    HR asked him the dimensions of bat and ball etc,

    At last, I received mail on Sept 20th from the Mphasis recruitment team that i got selected and from now. I am also member of Mphasis family.
    All the Best!!

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