Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   AMC Engg. College, Bangalore-18 Sep 2007

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   AMC Engg. College, Bangalore-18 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, This is Abhishek Kumar, B.E (CS), final year student of AMC Engg. College, Bangalore, and I wud like to share my experience with all of u????..


    There were mainly 3 rounds in Mphasis pool campus recruitment procedure.

    1. Written aptitude test
    2. Technical Interview
    3. HR Interview

    On 19th sep there was a written exam , there were approx 500 students from various collages who gave the written test. In Mphasis u will be having
    1 written test .
    ! NO SETS ! (all are same)
    > written test will be conducted by merit track group.
    > sections are :-
    1.English ( reading paragraph) 2 nos. (10q)
    (very easy) solve at last
    2. data sufficiency ....
    like if answer can be solved by one statement only or both (20q)
    (easy but time taking ... i solved this first)
    3. maths...
    simple simple maths q from profit loss , % , mixture , ages , speed & time
    (very easy ... 20 q)
    4. C and Data structure :- Some theory q from c and data structure mainly malloc & calloc. simple program for finding output study increment operator properly ( i++,++i etc) It was a 1 hr paper, after 3 or 4 hour, result of written test was declared  Out 500 students they selected  about 160 students???.


    >>when they were announcing results they did a mistake in my name with college name   So I went home after this ? but after ½ an hour my name was again called so my friend Abhishek Raj called me ?.. I came to college again as soon as possible.  

    ( so check ur name with college name once again before leaving)


    >> second round will be technical intri.
    > Thy will ask u c c++ data structure , OS DBMS etc
    (simple q) explain maximum q by writing in paper front of him)

    >> Third round HR interview .
     They will just ask ur intro . ur hobby , why mphy , where do u want to see ur self after 2 years.( For me there was no technical round as in hr she told i have good score in c& dc 18/20. In HR only she told me u r selected she gave me her card and told me to submit All my marks card tomorrow in office , as I was not having marks card

    >>> so solve d & c very nicely because they will decide u on this . again I was asked to wait outside for 5 min, and then a volunteer announced the biggest achievement of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was the happiest person on this earth when he said u r SELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Finally at the end  79 students got selected.   From my collage 18 got selected and 7 of which were from my branch including me?.The very next day I got my intent letter after submitting my marks card ? Today (1 month after test) I got my OFFER LETTER .  

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!  

    Abhishek Kumar

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