Mphasis  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   CVR Engg College, Hyderabad-30 Nov 2010

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   CVR Engg College, Hyderabad-30 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Future Leaders,


    This is Anil, recently I've attended MPhasiS Drive On 2010 November-30th @ CVR Engg. College.

    Process Consists of few rounds as follows

    1. Written (through AMCAT)  Attended 3000+ in chennai @ SAVEETHA Eng.College

    2. GD                                Few are shortlisted for Hyderabad drive about 210+

    3. Tech-HR                        47 are cleared GD (I'm 1 of 47 candidates)


    Any how.


    I?m here not 2 say about How are the Interview-Q?s? and how 2 answer them ? but to share my Experience which I come across (in) my Journey. It?s all about. Hope On/Off (the) Campus I?ve visited few firms__

    The List of Companies are:

    1) Seagate: Cleared Written, Cleared Technical, failed in HR Interview. (Over Confidence, Not Pre-prepared)

    2) H-Line: Failed in Written. (Pure Technical C, Java based questions)

    3) Slash Support: Failed in GD. (Almost all-25 are eliminated, last batch) [BPO jobs]
    4) Purple Leap: Not Attended the Written. (but got attendance)
    5) Infosys: Failed in Written. (Faced difficulty in Verbal)

    6) HCL technologies: Cleared Written, But promoted to HCL-COMNET due to below 80% in B.Tech, in Comnet ? Failed in Voice Test [BPO jobs(v think), but they taken people towards networks side]

    7) TCS: Cleared Written, Cleared Technical, Failed in MR round. (Absent of Presence of Mind)

    8) CMC:  Failed in Written. (Huge no. of Q?s, failed in Time management)

    9) United Online: Cleared Written, Failed in Techncial HR. (Selecting ECE students is the tradition 4 this Company)

    10) AmarRaja: Failed in Written. (Not Punctual)

    11) Effronics: Failed in Written. (Low salary. If not attend theTest -not eligible 4 next coming Company)

    12) TekTracks: Cleared GD, Technical, Failed in HR. (Fate only sometimes it happen)

    13) Servo Medha: Failed in Written. (Pure Core Basic Concepts)

    14) IOTL: Failed in GD. (Negligency, Apple Cut Shirt- Jeans dresscode)

    15) IBM related: Failed in Written. (they taken students who got 10/10 marks)

    16) AAS Technologies: Cleared Written, HR. Rejected Offer [salary only 5000/-, Submission of Certificates]

    17) WIN-IT:  Cleared Written, Tech, HR. Rejected Offer [Salary 8000/-, 2 Years Bond, Certificates]

    18) Cordys: Failed in Written. (26 out of 700 n finally 5 were selected)

    19) MiracleSoft: Cleared Written, Tech, HR. Rejected Offer [Service agreement pay 1.5L @ joining date]

    20) Infotech-Enterprises: Cleared Written, GD, Tech-1,2 ,3, Failed in HR. (Tricky questions-Unable to show my confidence level)

    21) Infowaves: Falied in Written. (I score 42/50, but this firm taken who got in b/w 24 and 35 ?Upper cutoff)

    22) Mapples ESM: Failed in GD. (I?m the Only 1 who centralizes the topic, because all points are sounded, but lastly I presented my points latestly/thinkable, I think I won, but not selected ) [it?s like a consultancy HP, IBM etc]

    23) RAMCO Systems: Cleared written, Failed in Tech-HR. (Its Just Formal Interview, Referred candidates are preferred)

    24) ADP: Failed in written. (pre-planned preparation is needed, Pattern changed)

    25) TCS: Cleared Written, Technical, failed in MR. (Answered all questions, no specific reason, but I think it is the worst panel 4 selction because  3 out of 51 only forwarded to HR) [ luck factor is poor]

    26) Focus SoftLine: Cleared all rounds bond is too much [a startup company]

    27) CoMakeIT: Cleared Written, GD, Tech, HR, again PI. Got the offer. [Job Description: On SAP powerfull]. Everything went smooth here. But I made a mistake that I?m in Guntur while they called me for verification of Certificate. [Eagerness is missed here, hence They quit me before I quit]

    28) MPhasis: Cleared WT in Chennai(AMCAT), GD, Tech_HR in Hyderabad on November 30th, they said wait 4 a week. December 2nd is last date for me to register in Vector-Embedded Institute. Where I got 50% fee-discount for 89%le score. I?m confident that I?m in MPhasis soon

    29) Seaching for updates. If any, I?ll add


    At any moment don?t let your hope down. Only your aptitude can help you to get a job/Career. Be Confident in yourself.


    Students came here to know about Q's they Asked?

    See here i'm texting how my Interview is went.



    1."Money Importance in our life"

    2."Impact Of Globalization"


    Technical HR:


    The honorable MPhasiS Team concentrate on Resume Itself.

    Based on my Resume.

    Q1) How Honest you are?

    Q2) Regarding my hobby "Community Work" ?

    Q3) Reg. my intuitive skill "Imagination"?

    Q4) About Inspirational books--Author name--What you extracted?

    Q5) Project ? explained with picturaisation? I'm belongs 2 EEE

    Q6) Your project is excellent then why software?

    Q7) Differentiate C & C++?

    Q8) Program on is it prime No in C?

    Q9) Overloading/ overRiding programs in C++ ?

    Q10) Encapsulation, Polymorphism, RTTI, Inheritance?

    Q11) Asked about do you know micro chip processing?

    Q12) Where did you see after 5 years?

    Q13) Why MphasiS?

    Q14) Anil.You mentioned almost all good qualities in your resume. May I know any Areas to improve from your side?

    Q15) Ok. Anil we've done Any Q's?


    Dear leaders. My answers are a bit different and thinkable. So prepare your own answers which helps you to succeed?


    Simply HR ni nene HR chesanemoO anela finish Ayyindi naa Interview.

    Waiting for results. I hope i'm in MphasiS soon.


    Note: Getting a Job is important, but getting a good career is most importantP //Jai Hoo//


    Keep in Mind:

    I accept appreciation as well as criticism. The greatest people in the world have been criticized. I?m ready to receive justified criticism which can be helpful and I'd consider it as positively as feedback and I check it, if there is need to change then I definitely try to impliment that to maximum possible extent. Unjustified criticism is really a compliment in disguise, which shows that you are an average person who hates winners.

    G. AnilKumar

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