Miraclesoft  Placement Paper      -19 Sep 2007

Miraclesoft  Placement Paper      -19 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Non ? Technical Students (MCA)

    1. The C language terminator is
    a. Semicolon        b. colon        c. period    d. exclamation mark

    2. Is the following code legal?
        struct a
            int x;
            struct a,b;
    a. yes        b. no

    3. What is a different between a declaration and a definition of a variable?
    a. Both can occur multiple times, but a declaration must occur first.
    b. There is no difference between them.
    c. A definition occurs once, but a declaration may occur many times.
    d. A declaration occurs once, but a definition may occur many times.
    e. Both can occur multiple times, but a definition must occur first.

    4. C is which kind of language?
    a. Machine    b. Procedural    c. Assembly    d. Object-oriented     e. Strictly-typed

    5. Which of the following are java primitive types?
    a. Boolean    b. Char        c. String    d. Int    e. Float        f. long    g. Short

    6. In a C expression, how is a logical AND represented?
    a. @@        b. ||        c. AND    d. &&        e. AND

    7. Which of the following are legal statements?(select any 2)
    a. String s=(string)100;    b. Float f=1.2f        c. double d=0;    d. String str=?s?;
    8. int x = 2 * 3 + 4 * 5;
    What value will x contain in the sample code above?
    a. 22        b. 26        c. 46        d. 50        e. 70

    9. Main must be written as
    a. The first function in the program.
    b. Second function in the program.
    c. Last function in the program.
    d. Any where in the program.

    10. What is the output of the program?
    Void main()
                int d=5;
    a. undefined        b. 5        c. 0.5        d. 0.0005

    With Regards
    H@ri krishna Yarramsetty (IT
    Adithya (EEE)
    2004-2008 batch students

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