MindTree  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   SRM UNIVERSITY CHENNAI-8 May 2010

MindTree  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   SRM UNIVERSITY CHENNAI-8 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends...!


    This is Srinivasan......We had  MINDTREE Off campus on 8th of MAY 2010 at CHENNAI. Its not direct off campus. Shortlisted candidates only can attend. It was purely call based. I got a call letter for attending the interview. It was organised by Meritrac Consulting Ltd.



    The Process was as follows:


    DAY 1:

    Date-8th MAY 2010


    Written Test:


    Paper 1:  Technical Test( C Lang) 15 questions in 30 min


    C code algorithms were given and we need to detrmine the output from 4 options. Some problems based on prime nos and some based on even & odd nos. For some other problems we should know A.P. & G.P. formulae to solve easily. Knowing basics like sum of this much of nos ( for ex: sum of nos frm 1 to 100 ) and sum of this types nos ( ex: sum of odd & even nos frm 1 to 100 ) ll help you very much. It was purely objective and No -ve marking.


    Paper 2: English (7 min)


    A scenario was given to us and accordingly we had to write an E-Mail within 25-125 words.

    This was to test ur vocabulary, grammar etc. Follow a std format.


    Paper 3: Programming Test ( 1 Hour)


    This is the most impt part. If u write the pgm correctly, ur selection ll b confirmed by 85%.


    A problem statement was given and we had to write a C/C++/Java program.

     Be very clear with the String functions.


    Question was:

    Write a function which accepts a sentence as input parameter.

    Each words in that sentence is to b reversed ( remember: not the whole sentence to b reversed, each words should b reversed ). Space should b there between each words.

    Return the sentence with reversed words to main function and produce the required output

    There ll b enough time for u. Do clearly.



    For ex:


    jack jill jung kill



    kcaj llij gnuj llik


    They declared the result by evening. I got a call around 8pm and got the mail around 10pm.


    DAY 2: (HR)


    They called us in Batches. I was in 8.30 batch.( 1st Batch)

    By gods grace there was No GD and Technical HR.

    We are asked to attend the Personal HR directly.


    The interviewer starts with general HR questions like Tell me something about urself.

    Then he asked about my interests and hobbies.

    Then he asked what is the tough event in ur life. I explained him one incident and also explaind how I came across that event successfully.


    Then he asked to explain the prgm I wrote in the first round. I ve explained. Then he asked me to write the pgm of FIBINNOCI SERIES ( for some of my frnz, they ve asked to write some 3, 4 simple pgms at the intrw. So b clear with the basic pgms atleast in anyone lang ) and I explained too.


    Then asked abt my interested sub. I said OOPS and C, He asked me tel the diff btwn C and C++. I ve explained. That?s it frm technical side.


    Then asked me that ? what ur frnz ll tel abt u?....

    My HR was very friendly to me.

    So be jovial and feel free


    Interview went for around 40-45 min. That was nice.


    Results declared around 4pm through cal. Only selected candidates gets the cal. I recieved a mail from MindTree in the next day only.


    Selection ratio:

    1st: 55 out of 700+

    2nd: 32 out of 55


    Prepare well.


    Good luck.

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