MindTree  Placement Paper   General - Other   UBDT College Davangere, Karnataka-20 Feb 2008

MindTree  Placement Paper   General - Other   UBDT College Davangere, Karnataka-20 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello guys this is dattatreya halade from UBDT college DAVANGERE, Karnataka.. MINDTREE CONSULTING visited our coll campus on 19-20th Feb. out of 115 people who attended Round-1 only 18 were selected. Here is the selection procedure that the company followed in OUR campus..


    ROUND-1: - Written Test

    30 quantitative aptitude questions ONLY (refer R.S aggarwal).

    Time limit of 45mins

    Some quests
    Avg of 5 nos is 6, in that 3 nos avg is 8, whats avg of other 2? Ans- 3

    Similar questions on area, time/work, %age, age, speed?

    Sorted candidates were 51 out of 115.

    NOTE:  - aggregate matters on Ur selection in round-1 as well, if u have agg > 70 then u r almost guaranteed a spot in the GDs...


    ROUND-2: - GD

    3 groups of 17 people each made...

    Topics: - cricket, censorship, and another one!

    Out of 51, 39 were selected, twas the easiest round to clear?



    For respective branches, questions of their types were allotted, there was no time limit as such they wanted to measure the approach of the candidate towards questions... around 8 quests were given and 3hrs allotted...

    Some topics of help- C (definitely for computer science guys) Microprocessor (elect guys)

    Filtration: - out of 39, 21 were selected for the next round.



    Simple interview with basic HR questions, Be prepared with the company profile etc...

    Finally 18 from 21 were selected?           


    Good luck guys do well...

    My suggestion would be a bit of technical knowledge and a lot of LUCK will help!         

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