MindTree  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   SIRT Bhopal-08 Jun 2010

MindTree  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   SIRT Bhopal-08 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends.....
    I am Vipendra Gupta from Truba Institute Of Eng. & Information Technology, Bhopal. It was first time MindTree visited for Campus Recruitment in MP. It was an open campus and there were about 880 students out of which 88 students have cleared the first round that is written test. The second round was group discussion which was cleared by 64 students. The next round was Technical interview which was cleared by 48 students and finally after HR interview 32 students were selected and I was one of them.........

    The selection procedure of mindtree was as follows:
    1- Written Test
    2- Group discussion
    3- Technical interview
    4- HR interview

    <B>1. Written Test</B>
    In written test there were only two questions. First was to write an essay and second was to write a program. The topic given for essay was, "How computers have affected human life", and the program was to find the number of days between the two given dates. The two dates will be entered by the user....
    To clear written test you should have good hand writing an a sound knowledge of programming

    <B>2. Group Discussion</B>
    GD round was quite easy. There were only 5 students in a group. The topic for our GD was, "Tata Nano: good or bad". For GD you should have atleast average English, courage to speak in group and confidence. If you have these qualities your work is done

    <B>3. Technical Interview</B>
    My technical interview was of one hour. The first question was introduce yourself. next he ask question regarding my major project. If you have made your project by your own you have no problem otherwise there will be a problem......
    He asked me about my project for atleast 30 minutes. I have written in my resume that my favorites subjects are DBMS, OOPS and Operating system so he asked me to solve DBMS queries than he asked me about virtual functions, virtual class, live example of polymorphism and many simple question of OOPS... he also asked me paging, condition of deadlock, semaphore and many other questions from operating system.....
    Guys write only those things in Resume with which you are thorough because everything they asked you is from your resume...............
    He also asked me solve two puzzles which were very easy

    <B>4. HR round</B>
    Mine HR Round was only of 20 minutes..
    The questions fired in HR Round were:
    1. Introduce yourself....
    2. Why you want to join MindTree ?
    3. What do you know about MindTree ?
    4. Who are the clients of MindTree ?
    for hr interview be cool and confident. there is very small probability of getting eliminated from hr round......

    Finaly the result was announce at 10:30 pm and 32 students were selected. Only written test was the main elimination round so if you cleared that, 70% you are selected.
    To crack MindTree is very easy...........
    Wishing you all the best............
    see u in MindTree.......

    Vipendra Gupta
    Truba institute of Engineering & Information technology Bhopal

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