MindTree  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SIT, Tumkur-13 Aug 2010

MindTree  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SIT, Tumkur-13 Aug 2010

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    Hai  Friends.....
    I am Mahesh  from Shridevi  Institute of Engineering  and Technology,Tumkur. We had pool Campus at SIT, tumkur.It was first time MindTree  interview  for  our college , SIET, Tumkur. It was  pool  campus and there were about 350 students out of which 115 students have cleared the first round that is written test. The second round was group discussion which was cleared by 44 students. The next round was Technical interview and HR interview which was finally cleared by 14 students  and I was one of them.........

    Some time Mindtree changes the pattern. We had this pattern

    1- Written Test
    2- Group discussion
    3- Technical interview and  HR interview

    1. Written Test

    In written test there were only Three  papers. First was programming ability test .It consist of only loops with very big condition value. To clear this test you should have very good programming skills. And second was to write a program. The program we got was to remove extra spaces between words keeping only one space. For example if the input is ? I am      a       computer ?   then   out put should be ? I am a computer?. Third paper we got was e-mail writing. They will give some scenario and we have to write e-mail. This 3 rd paper is to check your vocabulary.

    To clear written test you should have good words power and a sound knowledge of programming

    2. Group Discussion

    GD round was quite easy. There were only 10-12 students in a group. The topic for our GD was, "Which is most important , money or knowledge". For GD you should have atleast average English, courage to speak in group and confidence. If you have these qualities your work is done.

    3. Technical Interview and Hr interview

    We had both Technical and HR interview at a time.
    My technical interview was of half an  hour. The first question was introduce yourself. next he ask question regarding my major project. If you have made your project by your own you have no problem otherwise there will be a problem. He asked me about my project for  10 minutes. He ask me to write program. The programs I got were

    1.  To find both largest and second largest element in an array. ( its very easy)

    2.  To find position of largest word in a sentence.

    3. To find count of given word in a sentence.

    4.  Finding product without using * and some more questions.

    Friends you should be very quick to write program. Its very important. Don?t include anything more in resume. I was the last 2nd guy for this round thatsy he didn?t see my resume. Then he started asking about my background. Some of questions are
    1. Introduce yourself....
    2. Why you want to join MindTree ?
    3. What do you know about MindTree ?
    4. Who are the clients of MindTree ?

    Patience and confidence will help you to clear this round. And a little bit of luck is required. Finally the result was announce at 8.30 pm and 14 students were selected. Every round is a elimination round. They mainly look for a candidate having very good programming skills and at least average English. 

    Wishing you all the best......



    Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology,Tumkur.



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