MedicalHorizon: Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: 21st Century Style

MedicalHorizon: Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: 21st Century Style


Dr. Syed Tanveer Rab on how Emory is using a groundbreaking advance in the surgical treatment of heart disease. In the procedure, doctors perform coronary artery bypass surgery without opening up the chest cavity and stopping the heart called Endo-ACAB [endoscopic atraumatic coronary artery bypass]. It is performed off-pump without a heart-lung machine. Video produced by Larry Warry and Geoff Huitt, Emory University School of Medicine. About Dr. Rab At the American College of Cardiology 2010 meeting in Atlanta, Syed Tanveer Rab, MD, assistant professor of medicine (cardiology), Emory University School of Medicine, presented on a clinical research study on this topic. Rab and his colleagues reported on outcomes from 21 Emory Healthcare patients with blockages in the left main coronary artery treated with hybrid revascularization. He describes the Emory approach as a "best of both worlds strategy." More Information Coronary artery bypass surgery: 21st century style Emory Heart & Vascular Center Woodruff Health Sciences Center Emory Healthcare

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