MECON  Placement Paper   General - Interview   NIT Agartala Campus-9 Oct 2009

MECON  Placement Paper   General - Interview   NIT Agartala Campus-9 Oct 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012


                MECON INTERVIEW ON 9th October AT NIT Agartala CAMPUS

           Hi friends, I am from Dipan Das from NIT Agartala. MECON Limited had come to our campus on 9th Oct, 2009. We 15 had been shortlisted to sit in    the campus interview & I was one of them (from CSE). Here I am sharing my experience with you...

         At 3.30 pm they gave the PPT, it was really a nice presentation & informative too. Then they told us to prepare for the INTERVIEW which was scheduled from 4.30 pm.

        My interview was near about 10-15 minutes. I was the second person to go inside.

    I entered..

    Me: May I come in Sir?

    HR: Yes come in..

    Me: Good evening sirs?

    HR: Pls sit down...

    Me: Thank you sir?

    HR:  Ok! Mr. Dipan u tell us about ur hobbies?

    Me: told

    HR: Some more questions from my hobby

    Me: Answered..

    HR: Tell us something about your family background?

    Me: Told

    HR: Ok, What is the meaning of your name?

    Me: Told

    HR: What is byte code?

    Me: Told...

    HR: Java is compiled or interpreted?

    Me: Answered

    HR: What is constrains? Different types of constrains..

    Me: Told

    HR: What are the disadvantages of having constraints?

    Me: Answered?

    HR: What is SAP? Some more questions from ORACLE?.

    HR: What is normalization?

    Me: Told...

    HR: Some basic level questions from ASP & ASP.NET. Like, difference between ASP & ASP.NET?

    HR: How many connection strings we can handle at a time?

    HR: Some questions from my project (they liked my project) so they asked some questions from that also.

            Like in which platform u r developing your project? Y u has choosen dotnet? y not other technologies?

    HR: Why it is called Active Server page? its difference with JavaScript? Some questions from web designing

    HR: What is trigger?

    HR: Some questions from NETWORKING...& Algorithm (basic level ques)

    HR: Some questions from C++ (some conceptual questions...)

    Some more questions which I don?t remember exactly?..But subjects which are important is Networking**, OS, DS,C++,DBMS **,Project **,Training** etc..But HR persons of MECON are really nice. They create very much homely environment. The way that they interact is incomparable..

         After finishing my interview they did not told me whom to send next...When I was just about to come out from that room, suddenly I thought that whom to send next ??  Then I looked back & politely asked them ?Excuse me sir, Sir who will be coming next to me? ?..Then they told ?OOO!! U tell ?. to come next??I think they liked this as in tension also I remembered that?

     Lastly it was near about 7.30 the HR persons came out to declare the results ?.

    & 5 of us were selected (1 Civil, 1 CSE, and 3 Mech) & I was the only from CSE?

    So my DREAM come true as it was always my dream to work in PSU.


    Have a nice day !!


    Dipan Das

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