MECON  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-20 Mar 2007

MECON  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-20 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am from mechanical and got a call for mechanical discipline

    I got the interview call to be held in kolkata. in kolkata the interview consisted of a psychometric test and the technical interview. The psychometric test is based on ur perception of taking things in day to day activites and they told us that it is not for any evaluation purpose. After getting our TA we were asked to wait for the interview. In the interview room ther were 8-9 people who were bond in there respective fields........

    one asked me tell me about urself
    and he asked about my career interests ....I told them regarding thermal engineering
    he asked me about the gas power plant in Delhi and also its power rating
    the basic units of the power plant
    about ash handling plant
    about ash utilization
    how to control the frequency of electric supply  in the power plant
    One asked me about the solan brewri and also the shyama sangeet as I was a bengali
    and if I liked ravindra sangeet or not
    and one asked why did I wanted to join MECON
    and why not any private sector as I had a good placement already in the time of interview...they kept grilling on why mecon and not that
    company...but at the end said good............
    he asked me about the training I did and about the no of turbines in the plant and their ratings each... 

    whole total the interview was fine...............I think those who want to appear for the interview do know ur interest in the company...i mean why dio u want to join mecon and no other company.........................and also abou ttheir training and project and about one or two favourite subject...though they should have an overall idea of other subjects as well



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