Match Day 2011

Match Day 2011


Watch as graduating medical students at Emory University School of Medicine simultaneously open their envelopes to find out where they will train as residents. MORE pictures at: About Match Day On Thursday, March 17, 2011 students -- along with family, friends & faculty -- gathered for the suspenseful campus ceremony to learn where they are headed next on their professional journey. The Emory medical students are among thousands nationwide who applied for residency positions at teaching hospitals across the United States through the National Residency Match Program that annually matches students with residency programs. More: Graduating Medical Students Learn Their Future at Match Day at Emory and Across the U.S. More Photos: About Emory School of Medicine Emory University School of Medicine is ranked among the nation's finest institutions for education, biomedical research, and patient care, with 2,051 full- and part-time faculty and 966 volunteer faculty. More info: Press Contact: Jennifer Johnson at 404.727.5696 or

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