Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Utkal University,Bhubaneswar-5 May 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Utkal University,Bhubaneswar-5 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    First of all , I wanna tell u dat Time give u everything in its own way . I hd given 4 written tests n cleared once. I did lose heart but finally.I really worked hard upon my weaknesses n thats why i m here. So, if u r also facing the same situation then work out on removing ur weaknesses n success will b urs.
    It was a pulled campus where 126 ppl 4m 3 clgs were there 4m which 46 were selected 4 G.D. n 21 for P.I. the whole process was conducted by Mr. V.R. Krishna who is the H.R of east-zone. He is loyal,honest,simple n very friendly. He made us feel comfortable in d P.I. Finally 12 were selected n Im the LUCKIEST one?

    SATYAM selection process hd 3 rounds.
    1. Written test based on reasonig n quant aptitude.
    2.Group Discussion.
    3. HR Interview.

    It had 15 problems of 1 mark each . A 0.25 negative marking was there for every wrong answer. Total time given was 30 minutes. So, time management is imp.
    Lower cut-off=8;
    Upper cut-off=11;
    so, better it wud b if u attempt 9 or 10 correct n sure shot answers bcos u hv 2 do the risk management.

    Type of questions:-

    1.Number pyramid (very easy)
    2. number series::- 25,30,35,42,45,?,55,66 Ans::- 54
    3. algorithm input n out given. U ve 2 find out wat?ll b at 3rd step?its timetakin?so plz leave it.
    4. & 5. its on verbal reasoning
    6. pie chart simple
    7. Seven friends Amar, Madhuri, Jyoti, Sachin, Ram, Tom & Uday made two teams CAT & MICE among them selves. Condition:
    i. Iff amar joins Cat, then ram must be in Mice team.
    ii.If Tom joins Cat, then Sachin must be in Mice team.
    iii.Madhuri & Jyoti can never be in the same team.
    iv.Sachin & Tom can never be in the same team.
    Q.If Ram is in Cat who will be in Mice?

    8. qs 4m compound intrest from R.S. Agrawal
    9. If a train of length 150m crosses a man in 12secs then wat time it will take to cross a bridge of 250m length?. Ans 32sec
    10. A person always buys rice for Rs 200/- .if price get increased by 10%, then he will take 2 kg less.   Then calculate the incresed price of rice ?Ans is rs.10
    11.If the odds against a 45yr man living upto 60yr is 5:3 and a 36yr woman livin 61yr is 3:2 then wat is the probability that both will live 4 next 25 yrs.the figures R not correct.But the process is:::----(3/(5+3))*(2/(2+3))
    12. Series of figures r there U?ve 2 chhose d next figure?very very easy

    13. if 14th January 2004 is on Thursday then wat was the day of 14th jan. 1912
    Ans::- 2004-1912= 92+(92/4)=92+23=115=115%7=3 i.e 3 days before i.e Monday

    15] It was an interesting Qn  If $=?0? and @=?1?And if we can write 0=$                                    


    Then find out average of @@@@ and @@@$$@


    Hints: It is like binary digit conversion and u do it. It?s very easy.

    GD Most Elimination Round

    Some topics are::::---
    Ban of petrol n diesel for d sake of pollution
    Should education b free upto PG level
    Men r Women who R better
    N D rest is PI 

    plz b a sweet smile on ur face...n b interactive...ppl 4m cs\it plz b thorough in running time of structure

    thanx 4 sharin my views.... C U at SATYAM...All d best 

    Bhupati Kishore Sundaray

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