Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   UC College Aluva , Kochi-24 Mar 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   UC College Aluva , Kochi-24 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai friends, ........... 

    I am  Shreds  .  I attented the satyam test and i want to share my experience. With u all.About 2500 students attented the aptitude test...out of which 250 were short listed for the GD ,150 for the interview and finally 97 were  selected.....

    It was a written test(15 questions ->30 minutes)with 0.25 negative mark)...So friends plz attend only those questions h u r sure...dont do ny guess work..I think the cutt off was 6-8 marks..i didnt 10 questions got selected and one of my friend did only 7 questions ... she too cleared the test..But another friend did 14 questions and she was not selected.....

    Questions which i remember->the numbers r not exact....
    1. Triangle Series
      75 66
      37 ? 28
      15 16 10 12 
    Ans:- 32 ((add 2 numbers) + 6 to get the number on top)

    2.Time and Work
    12 man can complete a work in 12 days.For a work 10 men work for 6 days and then 4 more men joins them.In how many days will they complete the work?

    3. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
    A man is having some money deposited in bank.In the 1st yr he gets   8% interest,2nd yr -11 %,3rd yr- 13%.If he gets Rs 12,400 at the end of three yrs.How much he deposited?

    4.A man took Rs 1000 as loan on simple intrest of 5%.But he pays Rs 200 annually as interest and amount.How much he will have to return  after three years?

    5. Number Series:
    Ans:- 27 (very simple)

    Find the angle b/w the hands of a clock at 14:43 hours?

    There is a field inside that there is a rectangular grass field with dimension 12X8 meter. One cow is tied at one corner of he grass field with a rope of 10 m. Cow is not allowed to enter the grass field .How much area it will graze?

    8.Data interpretation(pie chart)
    To calculate the central angle

    9.To calculate the value based on the pie chart (both these questions were simple...only thing u should know how to calculate from pie chart).

    10.Symbols and Notations:
    1 can be written as # and 0 can be written as %....for example
    1 is written as #
    2 is written as #%
    3 is written as ##
    4 is written as #%%
    then what is the LCM of 20,30,36 ?

    How many words can be formed from 'COOLER' such that both the Os are not together?

    12.Profit And Loss:
    A sells an article to B at 10% profit.B sells it to C at 25% profit.C sells it to D at 15% profit.What price did A pays to buy that article if D pays Rs.2056?

    13.A Ques on Passage(6-8 lines passage)

    14 and 15: Next figure in the series.
    4 figures were given...u hav to find the next one....

    The topic i got was "Women Are The Best Managers"

    There was 10 students in a group...The panel member was very friendly with us..First she asked our names and then she  advised us not to fight...All should get opportunity to talk...Then we were asked to discuss on the topic...almost all members in my group talked with no fighting  among us....They are only checking our confidence level,ability to mingle in a group..If u r not good in english dont worry...thats not a problem...just speak out...Dont sit simply..(Also keep in mind this is an ELIMINATION round) ...So u shud hav points..Dont beat around the bush. take care of ur body language...Look at ur friends face nd talk...Dont look at ur panel members face...hav a smile always...dont be aggressive..Most important u shud be active through out the GD..dont just say 2 points and then keep quite...

    Some of the other topics given were:
    *Is G.D. neccessary for freshers recruitment
    *Western culture
    * role of media on public

    Plz go through the satyam Gd topics in old Papers..They are just repeating..

    TECH + HR :( + STRESS ) for some:(about 30 minutes)

    I was lucky becoz i had all the 3...sighhh..First they started with the basic Hr questions:Intoduce urself...Hobbies...Etc...

    Then the started the Tech questions:
    Basic questions from OOP , C/C++, Mini Project ,DBMS, Data structure, OS and LSD.....they may ask u write small programs....

    Just study the basics of the above mentioned confident wen u speak....Dont bluff...if u dont know say that  frankly....Look at the Hrs eyes and speak.But if u r not good in ur subject...its sure that u will be rejected..they r looking for tech skills..extra cirricular activites are not much important..

    Then for me another man came suddenly and started stress interview..first i couldnt follow what is happening around me..but slowly i realised...I just fixed a smile in my face....They will try to make u angry, but plzz dont oppose them
    Answer to their questions with patience...and a pleasant face...(this is wat i did) and at last the panel member appreciated me...)

    The results were announced after 1 hr...97 were selected and i was one among them( thank GOD!!!) last i did...."ALL THE BEST TO ALL MY FRIENDS" we can meet at SATYAM.....

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