Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   TKR College Of Engineering, Hyderabad-1 Sep 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   TKR College Of Engineering, Hyderabad-1 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HI Friends.  I am ARUSH TOKALA from Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology. I would like to share my experience at Satyam.

    1st Round ? Aptitude Round:
    This round consists of 15 questions all carrying equal marks. And every wrong answer carries a negative mark.So, friends only answer those questions which u r confident of.   I knew only 6 to 7 answers so made up my mind n went ahead with them. I dint even put a single guess for the remaining questions.

    The topics on which the questions were asked are:
    2.Time & Distance
    3.Time & Work
    5.Pipes & cisterns
    7.Logical Diagrams
    8.Data Interpretation
    I was really lucky tat day. Some how got thru this round for 1st time after losing Infosys and Wipro in 1st round itself.  

    2nd Round ? Group Discussion:
    This round was held on the next day. I came prepared very well. Actually started speaking in English rite after I came to know tat I cleared the 1st round. This had helped me a lot. Spoke in English n English only with all my friends till the commencement of the GD round. This had boosted my confidence levels. Finally the time came when 10 of us were given a topic and had to wind it up in 15 minutes.  

    The topic was:   ? DOES SANIA MIRZA NEED A MEDIA HIPE?    I confidently stood up and initiated the round by opposing the statement. In the beginning was a lil shivery but some how spoke loud n clear

    After that I took part in the discussion 3 to 4 times to express my views. Most of them were supporting the statement and were repeatedly trying to put counters on me.Some how I managed convincing them with giving examples. The round was finally done and all of us were asked to conclude individually. Then the time came when the results were to b announced. I was confident that I will get thru. And among ten of us only 4 were selected. I was happy to find my name in tat list.  

    3rd Round ? Technical and HR (combined):
    This round was supposed to b held on the 3rd day. But to my surprise it was about to begin rite after v got our GD results. I became very nervous. My hands n legs started shivering when I was shown the way to the HR room. I dint remember even a single concept of my Mechanical Eng. Fear was my enemy. I was called in. Just before I entered the room took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst     I then walked in confidently with my shoulders and spine straight.
    ME: ? Good Morning SIR? But immediately realized its half past 12.00. I dint bother.
    HR: ?Tell me about yourself?.
    ME:  I started shivering once again. But gave him a prompt answer by speaking about the stuff in my RESUME.
    The HR was noticing all my moves.

    HR: He then asked me ?So Arush, being  a mechanical student do u think u can cope up with IT??
    ME: ?Sir, mechanical engg is the only branch which deals with all other branches of engg. by giving us a fundamental knowledge about them.?

    HR: Do you know any softwares ??
    ME: I gave a frank reply saying tat I know few mechanical related softwares.

    He repeatedly asked any other software other than these. Actually he was expecting me to speak some thing about C, C++ and Java.I dint utter an alphabet of C from my mouth.  
    He was impressed with the answer. And told me tat I can leave.I dint expect the round to get over so fast. It lasted for less than 10 mins.  

    Our results were finally announced after 6 long hrs of nail biting. Finally my name was announced along with others. I was very happy. It became a memorable day in my whole life. A Total of 1600 students appeared and finally only 61 of them were the final selects

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