Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sri Indu College Of Engg.-9 Dec 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sri Indu College Of Engg.-9 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hai friends,

    finally i got selected into satyam today , i want to give some idea about my test,G.D,interview
    about test:
    friends there where 15 questions given
    1. what is the day of 31st july 1957 the date is not exact I  did not done this but i will give you idea to do this is in R.S Agrawal (489)*4+1 year in that see all the odd days in that
    2. logical reasoning very easy easy some blocks are given to know which is next
    3. one qustion is on probabulity ie.., onw card to be taken from pack of cards and that card to be a prime number less 20 (pack of cards means 1,2,3,4,...52) ans is 7/52
    4. some qustions in english were given which i have not seen at all because  i knew that they are not nesscessary
    another some easy qustions ar there the CUTOFF IS 7 
     friends don't try to attempt more than 9 atmost because it may cause i negitive marking
    i attempted 7 correctly (exact) and get relaxed it is very easy to attempt 7 try that ok na
    about GD:
    friends PLZ note the names of your fellow persons before going to the G.D that will benifit you much
    1. call all of them with names that will be good point
    2. don't point out anyone with fingure
    3. don't get excited don't try for job there try to clear G.D ok na
    4. Don't see the invigilator(H.R) seating on besides you
    5.  take the chance of starting the disscussions , conclusion of disscussion,write the points which are discussed in the G.D tell all of them when H.R tells ok give conclusion ok na
    about HR&Interview:
    friends it is very easy round that i have seen
    my interview
    I:  Good afternoon sir
    HR:take your seat
    HR:tell me brief about yourself vinod
    I:  i am vinod parna from ksrmce blah blah blah
    HR:tell me about your project
    I : exaplaned neatly
    HR:do you know U-TUBE
    I:  no sir
    HR:what ae your negitive points
    I:  1.i am little bit tense
        2.when i was assigned a work i fear for a while that whether  i am capable of doing that or not but my confidence will take me to do that job at my best
    HR:after  your b-tech now how much you are confident
    I:   i told that i am very good at programming languages ,as i participated in national chess touranament know time management skills, i have got distinction in throughout my career bythis i can say that i am best fit for this job try to talk more at this point that will be benefits you
    only communication skills are seen at this round so don't loose it ok na
     VINOD (E.C.E)

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