Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sapthagiri College Of Eng., Bangalore-8 Dec 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sapthagiri College Of Eng., Bangalore-8 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi all

     my self RAJKAMAL.R
    i attended SATYAM off campus at Sapthgiri college of engineering,bangalore on 8th dec 2006.nearly 4400 wer appeared for the written its very lot of crowd but they conducted the interview as per planned .ok let me com to the questions
    u all know about satyam pattern 15 ques 30 minutes same here also...... i remember only few of them,
    1. the distance between two stations A and B is 220km,a train  from B station starts towrds the station A at a speed of 80kmph and  another train      half-an hour later starts towards the same station A at a speed of 100kmph ...... at wat distance the both will meet each other.
       a)180   b)100 some thing likethat
    2. a compund interest question such as 5 installments and some % rate also wer given, asked to find out the amt to be installed ?
    3. A man buys two article ,the price of the second one is 4/5 the of the first....... then he sells the first one at 12 1/2 % gain and the second one at 10% loss .find whether the man get loss or gain and by how much?
      a)12 1%2 loss  b)12 1%2 gain  c)none of these
    4. one series ques
    5. the length of the circumference of a circle is equal to the perimter of triangle of triangle of equal sides and perimetr of square. the area of              circle,triangle and square is c,t and s respectively.then
       a)c>s>t  b)t>s>c  c)c>t>s d)none
    6. two column and below that some statements wer wer given such as
          colum A                                                       column B
     x and y are positive integers                         3x+2y=180,252
     the max value of x is                                  the max value of y is
      then they asked which colum is greater A or B
       a) column A is greater
       b) column B is greater
       c) no information can be drawn from the above statements
    7. some statements wer given abt the rats  such as ther is 150 rats in the xperimental group and they wer given some serum D and another sets of   150 rats wer in control gruop and they wer given harmless sugar solution...later after two weeks 39% of rats wer found dead in experimental     group. then the reason for the death of rats in the group is asked and the choices wer given
      a)the death of those rats wer due to harmful contents in the serum D solutions
      b)the average death of rats every year is some percent
       like this they given
    8. ther wer seven members newly appointed to the office their names wer Mr.Arun,Mr.Anil, Mr Mohan and som Y, Z and two ladies Miss Rani    Miss sujatha some condition wer given such as Arun ,Anil and X wer used to smoke regularly and they three wants their office room nearby and Miss sujatha has alergy to smoke so she want separate room near window.finally the question whose room can be faraway from Mr .Arun room
        a)sujatha b)Rani c)mohan d)none of them
        ans: i think sujatha only since she don't want to nearby smoke room so only( becoz Arun used to somke)
    9. one passage was given, then they gave four choices and ask which will suitably support the conclusion of the above passage the passage was abt the petrol engines and availability of lack of resources to the engines....... so we hav to go for alternative that they gave the passage it will easy one only just go thru' it once then u will get it logical reasoning quest.such as ther are four persons who wer affected by disease of individual kind and their palce residence wer also with som conditions then they ask who resides in rampur?
         rest of questions i can't get it ok friends it will be easy out of 4400 they shortlisted 800 something and i missed from the list................ any how it will be easily only the cut-off mark will be 7-8 so try to attend the questions  which u know clearly then u go for complicate one ok..............try to atend 10-11 questions note that out of that 10-11 u should get 9 right so be confident with ur answers
    II round is GD all u know satyam main elimination round is GD only so be prepare in that..... try to initate if not possible get ur time and tell 2-3 imp points abt the topic clearly ok. that too enough don't try to turn it as debate........ try to share ur points
    III Round is Technical CUM HR interview watever u put in ur resume from that only ques arise ok so becareful in preparing in resume.......ok ya bye

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