Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Saptagiri College Of Eng., Bangalore-8 Dec 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Saptagiri College Of Eng., Bangalore-8 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hai friends,

        I am Bheemasankararao. I have attended for Satyam off campus on dec 8th 2006 held at Bangalore in Saptagiri College of Engineering.

    Now I am giving my experience, It may help for your preparation of Satyam off campus. There are three rounds of Interview as usual.

    Statistics of the Off Campus:

    Candidates attended for written test: 4700

    Candidates short listed for GD: 850

    Candidates short list for Interviews: 377

    Final selected candidates: 247


    Aptitude test:

        As usual 15 questions gave. Half an hour time with 1/4th negative marking. Questions from mainly from
    1. reasoning
    2. Interest problem
    3. data interruption, etc?

    Note: you don?t think about the number of questions you have answered.

         You should think regarding accuracy. But you have to observe all the questions in first two minutes because you should answer easy questions initially. Otherwise you will loose time. Depending upon the paper the cut off will be with in 6-9. Even if you answer 6 questions exactly you can have the hopes to short list. After clearing the test you can make cat walk for next two rounds, If you have some minimum Communication Skills.


    Group Discussion:

       This is particularly depending upon your body language, communication skills.

      As my exp we entered into the room. Then the observer gave three topics to choose.

    Education, politics, Entertainment.

       We choose entertainment. Because we all the ten members discussed before entering the room. That if anyone chooses one topic then all should be agreed. And nobody should talk continuously while interrupting the discussion. That means we have to give chance to every one. After choosing entertainment he gave the topic as REMIX VS ORIGNAL.

       He gave one min for preparation. After that he told first each one express your points individually one by one. After that you can discuss. Then we explained and discussed well.

    Important points : at the starting you should wish all the members and introduce your self and explain two to three points when he ask explain individually.

     After that at the time of discussion you should note some important points. Those seem to be silly but highly dangerous.

    1. Your eye contact never be diverted from your team members particularly with speaking person. Eye contact means observation.
    2. you should never look towards observer.
    3. You have to raise minimum two new points. If the members never given chance to you, then you say directly with the persons some loudly ? I will say one point?
    4. under any circumstances don?t create nuecense. If the discussion seems to be quarrel then there is a chance to disqualify each member.
    5. At the time of discussion you forget about the observer you involve in the discussion that?s enough.

                       As our discussion went very well while discussing with each other, as result 7 members selected in my group.

                      But in some groups, who created a war atmosphere from those groups only one to two members selected.



           My interviews were very cool with only HR questions. Main thing they are looking for Confidence, Communication Skills. I will say my Interview exp:

           I am entering into the room while asking permission. At that time Interviewer observing from top to bottom. At that time we have to show our confidence.

    I  : told good morning Sir, he too replied with same and offered seat, then I sit in the chair while saying thanks.

    Int: Then he asked old question tell about yourself?

    I  : explained all my educational family backgrounds. And I did one training in B.H.E.L and I gave one PPT. I explained all these things including my academic project.

    int: again asked explain your project.

    I  : explained ( don?t say I have already explained sir)

    int: After that he asked why r u trying to shift into the software field( Because my branch is E.E.E).
    I : explained clearly and confidently as Electrical field reached to saturation position there is nothing to invent. I get into that field I have to work on the projects those have already invented. Daily same work. There will be nothing challenge . But software is growing very well with requiring new ideas and new implementations. It will be very challenging career that?s why I choose.

            Really he impressed very well with this question. He never asked any question. Finally he told, ok Bheema have a nice day. He impressed because I explained every thing with so much confidence while looking into his eyes.

    Finally they selected around 250 members. Now I am Satyammate.

    Ok Friends All The Best????..








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