Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   PBT VITS,Kavali,Andhara Pradesh-26 Mar 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   PBT VITS,Kavali,Andhara Pradesh-26 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    SATYAM ON 26th MARCH 2008

    Hi friends this is srikanth from PBR VITS, kavali. SATYAM has recently conducted an interview in our college on 26th march,2008. The Procedure is as follows:
    No. of students attended : 984
    No. of students short listed after Written :184             

    some of the questions that was asked in the written exam are:
    1)10  Let R=3
    20  Let R=R*3
    30  Let J=R*3
    40 Let K=J*3
    50 print K-J-R
    if R<120 return to 20
    exit.the above question was asked in last 4 interviews of SATYAM.this model is same but not exactly.

    2.) There are 10000 families, having 4 children for each family. what is the probability that there will be 2 daughters for each house.
    e)none of these 

    3)If 27th december 1928 is monday then what is the day of 27th december 2004?
    ans: i think it was thursday. 

    4) P,K,B,?, K,B,R,K,B
    ans: Q 

    5)A alone takes 80 days to complte a job. A works for 8 days and the remaining work was completed by B in 42 days.How long it will take if A and B  work to gether?
    ans: 30 days.

    6) this question was asked on figure series.that is they have given 4 figures and they asked the next figure of the series. it is very easy. 

    7)one question on bargraphs. 

    8)one question was in the form as listed below but it is not the exact one:  there was a series given like 12, 23, 34, 56, 178,342
    step 1)24,47,57,234,435
    like this they have given  5 steps and they have given a new series for which we have to find the relatin between the given series and step 5.
    ans: it was little bit tough, but most of the times its answer is none of these.

    9) a problem on ratio & proportion 

    10) they have given a small paragraph and they may ask for conclusion or inference or poet's intention etc., other five questions i didn't remember . i think cut-off was in between 4.5 - 8.make sure that u will score 6 in the written exam. remember there was also negative marking of 1/4th mark for a wrong one.

    essay writing:
    this is to test ur written and verbal skills. though it was not the elimination round, take care of it. u may be asked on or two quetions of  ur topic in H.R. intrview.  topicthey asked in our college are:
    1) Role Model.
    2) My Memorable Moment.

    don't forget to give a conclusion for ur essay at the end. and the last one was H.R. for non- technical students be sure of the basics of electronics and C , Java.

    for technical students be sure with two or three programming languages and one or two core thorough with the contents of ur syllabus book.

    I was failed to crack SATYAM , i hope my experience will give lot of support for others to crack SATYAM. 

    ALL THE BEST to you guys.

    Be Sure and Be confident

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