Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MPCCET,Bhilai,Chattisgarh-8 Oct 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MPCCET,Bhilai,Chattisgarh-8 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends, I always used to read all your experiences and got benifited a lot.This time there is little change in the pattern of selection.

    Pattern: Written & Interview only.

    Written: Total 15 questions.There will be 4 easy questions which can be answered in 5min, then try to do another 4 in 25 min, that?s all. This is for those who are fully confident of getting those 8 right, because cutoff will be < 7 at max 8. Others try to answer maximum and for some question we can eliminate 3 options easily. Be careful negative marking is there. One thing written test is easy.For written test I?ll recommend u all please refer R.S Agarwal.

     some questions of apti are-
    1)Avarage weight of p,q,r is given (cannot remember) the ratio of students in class p&q is of students in r is 25% more than p.Find the avarage of all the 3 classes.
    2)What will be the next in sequence(5 options where given)(diagram)
    3)A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family.A& D are unmarried women & dont family there are businessman,professor,artist.B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman.E is husband.Who is professor?a)Ab)Bc)Dd)Ee)NONE OF THIS
    4)pie chat is given for a salary 6000 what will be the ratio of radius with a salary of 1500.a)2:1b)1:2c)3:2d)none of these.
    5)Sum in S.I. becomes 5 times its pincipal in 8 years what is the rate?a)5/2b)6/3c)d)none of these.
    6)Question on probability
    7)question in series completion
    8)Question on Calender

    9)                               ?
                                   126         161
                             63          71              79
                    25            29          33              37
              8           10            12             14            16
         1         2             3              4                5              6
    a)      220
    b)      226
    c)      227
    d)      300
    e)      None of above 
                   (1+2)+5=8, (2+3)+5=10
                   (8+10)+7=25, (10+12)+7=29
                   (25+29)+9=63, (29+33)+9=71
    10)   T=T+2;
    If T7<6
    Then go to T1
    What is the final output?
    a)  4
    b)  6
    c)  7
    d)  32
    e)  None of above 
    T2 is not defined

    Other questions I don?t remember sorry?..but overall written paper was easy?but only funda to crack it ?is do only correct questions?any wrong attempt may decrement the chance of your selection?cutoff will be 7 to 9 out of 15?and remember there can be upercutff.


    The interview procedure is common Tech &HR together... There was 4 panel?..3 were taking interview of those who r interested in Integrated engineering services(IES) and other was taking of software interested students?Before interview u will have to fill up a form?please write only correct information..becoz most of the questions will be asked from it.

    I had gien my interview to the software panel?.

    They had asked questions  like

    Tell me about ur self

    Ur family background

    The interview was more a strees interview.
    if u r confident and technically sound then definetely u will get through.
    CONFIDENCE is the main key to success.
    Prepare all the concepts that r mentioned in the resume well.


    All the questions will be from those subjects only.Atlast he told me to write 6 lines on any technical term?I explained my project..

    Overall it was very good experience.

    Remember the most imp thing u need for interview is confidence, patience, attitude. They will make u wait for a long time outside the interview room . In my case I was waited for 4 hours outside, so be patient. Go with nothing to lose attitude u will crack the interview.

    From 536 students ?213 was selected for interview..and out of these 137 made it to satyam? I am glad to see my name in the list and finally I was no more unemployed. BEST OF LUCK to all who is appearing for satyam selection process. Go with confidence

    Gurpeet Singh

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