Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   milavaram-10 Aug 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   milavaram-10 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai friends,.........
    Iam Lalitha.y.I am here to share my experience in Satyam recruitment process.

    I am from MIC college of technology pursing MCA final year. I attended through JKC conducted at LBRCE Mylavaram

          Satyam pattern :


        1 .Written test(aptitude,reasoning,simple program)

        2.GD(Elimination Process)

        3.Technical(20 to 30min)

        4.HR(For me it is 2min)


                Written consists 20 questions with negative marking.My sensior advice is don?t make any guess.Written was conduted on Aug16 (2007) only for students of  KrishnaDt.


                GD was conducted on sep11(2007) for Krishna and Guntur dt students.GD process is also easy if u speak  confidently.While speaking don?t see the creates bad impression.while other person is speaking look at the speaker.

                Use simple&clear English.If possible try Intaite or conclude the topic.Intaition should be taken only if u have clear about topic.If u don?t know the topic allow others to intaite then u will get some idea.Among 630 students they selected 230 from GDprocess.

               My GD topic was ?Brain Drain?.I have some idea about topic but iam not the intiator.I started second.I took chance 5 to 6 times.Nobody will give chance for us we have to take.Don?t argue or quesiontion anyone in the group.It is about 10min.

                   GD Topic:


                   1.Brain drain

                   2.Impact of wester culture on Indian Culture

                   3.Is china threat for Indian IT

                   4.Involvement of politians in sports

                   5.Current affairs

                   6.old India Vs new India



          marriage Vs arrange marriages


                   After completion of GD essay writing will be there to test our writing skills.don?t bother about that it just to appraise our writing skills.


                   In Technical  they concentrate only on basics(C,C++,dbms,os,unix).For non computer students(c,os)and their core subjects.First wish the interviewer with a smiling face.


                   Questions asked me are about tell me about urself ,compiler,assembler,what is os,functionality of os,difference b/w structured & oops,oops feartures,what is dbms,normal forms,Unix commands .


                    If u don?t know the answer sorry sir.Among230 ,111 r completed tech.


                    In HR they ask tell me about urself,hobbiesand they give feedback of our performance through out the process.Finally 105 tsudents r selected and I am one among them.

                    All the best and I wish u will also be a Satyamite .



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