Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hindustan College Of Science & Technology-28 Apr 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hindustan College Of Science & Technology-28 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Frndz!This is Garima,Btech IIIyr(E.C.E), Hindustan College of Science & Technology,Mathura. I have been placed in Satyam and would like to share my experince with u. Firstly, i would say that don't ever loose hopes.Alwz keep urself up-to-grade 'coz sumtimes only a moment can change ur life. So, b prepared to face 'ne kindaa challenge.ofcourse luck does matter but  try to giv ur Best ! Satyam can merely b a cake walk if u r all prepared.They took only 1 day for the whole recruitment process.

    The whole process is divided into 3 rounds:-
    1- Aptitude test(objective type)
    3-Interveiw(tech. as well as HR)

    APTITUDE TEST(30mins):
    It consisted of generel Aptitude questions(objective type)U can refer R.S Agrawal for this section.there were 15 questions which had to b solve in 30 mins. and mind it guyz therez a NEGATIVE marking also.So, dont try to attemp the questions which u r not sure of.Try to attemp 7-9 questions correctly and u'll certainly make into it.There may b a upper cut-off also so don't attemp all of 'em.

    Some of the questions m able to recall are:
    1) a calender questions(may refer R.S Agrawal)
    2)a verbal reasoning question
    3)a pyramid question
    4) a series question
    5)question on C.I & S.I
    6)Again a reasoning question(this time a bit tough)
    7)question on time & work(a simple one)
    8)question on average
    9)questions on binary concepts(an easy one)
    Rest of others i dont remember.. 

    GD  ROUND(10 mins) :-
    Once u clear the aptitude test they will divide u in a group of 10 for GD round.My topic of GD was "should GD b a part of fresher's recruitment"
    This was a new topic for me & they gave us only 1-2 mins to think.
    some useful tips for cracking a GD :
    -Try to b an initiator even if u couldnot intiate try to give 2 or 3 strong points.
    -Ur voice must b audible.
    -Should maintain a proper eye contact(they seriously notice ur body language)
    -Dont make it a fish market.If sumone is interupting u then u may say "dear frnd let me finish first"
    -If sum one is sitting quite then u may offer that person saying "would u like to say somethng" .This  definitly will give u some bonus marks.coz they usually search for leaders.
    -remember, u r taking part in a GD not in a dont loose ur temperament.But as it's a matter of job dont miss chance to speak sumthing exquisite.
    - concluding the whole discussion also makes u a strong contendor.Don't try to look at panel by mistake also,u'll b rejected.
    -and dont forget to put a smile on ur face during GD.

    In Satyam GD is considered as the elimination round.From my group only 3 students could clear this round.. So, Dont forget to prepare for GD as well..!

    Interview :
    Ahh..that was the best part as my interview was almost a HR one :p But i'll advice u to prepare the technical as well 'coz
    they may ask 'ne thng.I didnt prepare for HR this time but see ma luck he asked me only a few technical questions.
    My interview held late around at 1:00 AM .So, i was a bit tired but was not that nervous 'coz this was my 4th company & i knew that being nervous is not a solution for 'nethng.
    Interviewer was a cool person.I entered his cabin wid a smile 'nd wished him.He asked me to sit.
    nd then starts a non stop question-answer round:
    Int :How r u Garima?
    Me: i'm fine sir,thank u!(wid a smile)

    Int:okay tell me..what does ur name mean?
    Me:i xplaind him very confidentely coz i luv aswering ths question.

    Int:very, u must b proud of this name
    Me: said thanks nd agreed of being proud.

    Int. What is ur branch?
    Me: Electronics & communication engineering

    Int: okay then tell me what hav u studied in communications?
    Me:xplained him (i dont remmbr wht did i tell him but i didnt want to miss a chnce of impressing him so i went on & on...  for almost 5 mins)

    Int:who invented TELEPHONE?
    Me:i aswered him(though m not gud at recollecting thngs suddenly bt this clickd my mind at right time)

    Int:tell me somethng about him
    Me:i told him wt all i knew..i didnt know much about him

    Int:tell me more about him
    Me: i politely said ,"sir,i m not able to recall more about him now. He was a gr8 man and brought a revolution in Communications."

    Int:u shd know more as u belong to comm. field (he was cheking my confidence)
    Me:i smiled and said yes sir.i'll try to know more about him.

    Int:which is ur fav subject

    Int:diff b/w microprocessor & microcontroller

    Int:what hav u studied in 8085

    Int:give an xample of communication in daily life

    Int:no..give me some other which is the most usual xample.
    Me i said" speech"

    Int: Gud
    me:thank u sir(wid a smile)

    Int:then he asked me about ma family background

    int: what r ur acheivements
    Me:though i wasnot prepared for this answer (i've already told u abt ma HR prep)but i told him abt ma xtra curriculars acheivements.

    Int:ur strngth & weakness
    Me:answerd( alwz b cafrefull while answering ths questions coz ths is da most imprtnt question in ne interview)


    Int:he askd abt ma schooling nd da xperince i gaind frm there
    Me:answerd( again wid confidenc & smile)

    Int: what do u know about Satyam?
    Me:answerd(u should be aware of evrythng they tell in PPT,Though in satyam they didnt conduct a PPT for us but i prepared this answer
    throgh their website)

    Int:okay but y do u want to join it although many other companies r there for u..y only satyam?
    Me: now tht was da most stressful question coz he was again checking ma confidence nd interrupting me again & again.I told him Satyam looks for leaders & i've good leadership qualities.nd the best thng is .. this company is own by every individual working there.evry1 is a leader i find it the most suitable one for me.
    int: if tommorow infoys cums then also u'll join satyam
    me:widout even breathing i said yes sir,definately!i'll go for satyam only .

    ma interview lasted for almost 15mins & i left his cabin wid a confidence that i've made through Satyam.and when results were declared my name was in the list.
    i'll say that itz a matter of a "Day".Every person has a day when evrythng goes right.So,never stop trying coz u nvr know when is ur "DAY"

    Wish you

    Best Regards

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