Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   HCST Mathura-28 Apr 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   HCST Mathura-28 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds my name is GHANESH PRASAD GAUTAM (F.E.T Agra College Agra). I was very happy when i saw my name in final list of satyam selection.
    This was my third interview. first was in L&T an Second was INFOSYS. i was not selected in those company. but i did't lost my confidence. But Finally i got placement In SATYAM.

    I want to share my experience to u....
    There will be three rounds in the requrietment
    1) Apt(15 ques in 30 min) *negative marking .25 marks for 1 ques wrong..
    2) GD (Currently Topic)
    3) Interview(TI +HR)

    { there were 1400 students at the starting time 455 student are selected after apt 200 students selected after GD } *finally 81 students selected  

    if u attempt 7-8 ques which is correct then u will be in first list...(plzz don't try to guess answer) i attempted 7 ques only. my all ques was correct, i know...* u should do all previous papers of SATYAM from this site...** u will get 6-7 ques in ur test..Some QUes FROM my test is here..

    1- first question was on calendar. (simple go RS Agarwal)
    2- wht is the difference between SI and CI of 1000Rs where Rate =10%,time =1 yr for SI  and Rate is 10.5 in CI, time=1yr.
    3-there was a ques of average.   
    4-series ques.
    5-a ques was A salary+ B salary=10000, if A spend 70% of his income, and B spends 80% of his income ,the diff btw there spnd money is 500, then wht is the salary of A.
    6-if x=0,y=1, xy=1,yx=2,yy=3 then what will be the value of xyxyxyy (simple use binary concept).
    7-A Piramid ques. 
    8-Time and Work Problem.
    After First Round we go for GD they give us GD Topic.. I want to say u that u should learn these sentence which will help u in GD to Get exta Points.
    0); Try to start GD fisrt with ur intro.
    1); My dear friends plz maintain the rules of GD bcoz this is not Debate ,IT is GD ...Plzz BE Cool & CALM.
    2); My Dear friend LEt me complete, u will get chance...
    3); my dear friend would u like to say some thing.
    4); Give conclusion. 
    5); Ur voice should be loud.

    My Third Round was Interview my interview start at 4 am  its was fine simple ques from HR and a technical ques
    1); Abt myself
    2); Wht i will do when i m a project leader , and my worker r not doing there job.
    3); Fav Subject.
    4);Write a Program in C to swap two number( USE two variable concept)
    5); A  Puzzle
    6);they ask  U hav any ques?

    All the best guys. trust me handwork pays n prepare well for the interviews. As this was my  3th interview in which i got in. Never ever give up. all the best ppl.


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