Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GMRIT-RAJAM-10 Sep 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GMRIT-RAJAM-10 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    1.Avarage weight of p,q,r is given (cannot remember 48 i think) the ratio of students
       in class p&q is of students in r is 25% more than p.Find the avarage of all the 3 classes.
    2. Odd man out.  1307, 8627 ,6792 ,7297.
     Numbers were not exact  but in this model
    3. Can't remember
    4. Pie chart problem.  One chart was given on the expenditures of a person.His total income    
         is 6000/- .Now his income is 1500/- we have to find the ratio of radii of two pie charts. 
          a. 2:1  b.sqrt(2):1  c.1:sqrt(2)  etc.
    5. A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family.A& D are unmarried women & dont family there are
        businessman,professor,artist.B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman.E is husband.
        Who is professor?
          a)A  b)  B  c)D   d)E        e)NONE OF THIS
    8.  Stamp combination problem.  There are 5,10,15 paise stamps with a boys grandmother
        and the boy has to paste an equivalent of 45 paise stamps to post a letter.The total combinations are ?
          a. 11  b. 12    etc.
    9. Some long series of sentences were there I haven?t read them.Some reasoning type.
    10.  3 work completion times were given regarding project preperation in hours by 3 teams and if each team person
           is equicapable then find the time or days in which the complete some 18 hours or days work or project something
           like that not sure.
    11. Algorithm problem
     Let R=2;
     Let R=R+2;
     Let  K=K+1;
     Let  K=K*R;
     Printf  K
     Let  J= J+K;
     If  R <= 8
     Goto step 2;
           Which of the fallowing output is not true.
     a. 4      b. 36    etc
    12. Simple problem on Simple Interest.
       If the person gets one fifth of th sum after lending it for 8 years find the rate of interest
      a. 2 ½   etc
    13.Pets problem analytical one easy one.
      Three persons sarada,sravani and suchitra have pets.The pets are pet1,pet2,pet3 They buy them in the months March,August ,and December.Sarada is  busy in the month august and sravani baugt pet3 in December and Suchitra will buy in the month august but wont buy pet1.
    What pet and which one will Sarada buy. Question is not exact,its only model
    14. related to R.S Aggarwal Line-Graphs problems
    15.Boats and streams
     Given stram velocity x ,boat goes down stream by 30 KM and comes back.Total time is 4:30 Hours.Find the speed of the boat.


    Written: there will be 4 easy questions which can be answered in 5min, then try to do another 4 in 25 min, that?s all. This is for those who are fully confident of getting those 8 right, because cutoff will be < 7 at max 8. Others try to answer maximum and for some question we can eliminate 3 options easily. Be careful negative marking is there. One thing written test is easy.
     some questions of apti are-
    1)Avarage weight of p,q,r is given (cannot remember) the ratio of students in class p&q is of students in r is 25% more than p.Find the avarage of all the 3 classes.
    2)Odd man out(5 options where given)
    3)A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family.A& D are unmarried women & dont family there are businessman,professor,artist.B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman.E is husband.Who is professor?a)Ab)Bc)Dd)Ee)NONE OF THIS
    4)pie chat is given for a salary 6000 what will be the ratio of radius with a salary of 1500.a)2:1b)1:2c)3:2d)none of these.
    5)Sum in S.I. becomes 5 times its pincipal in 8 years what is the rate?a)5/2b)6/3c)d)none of these.
    GD: for me it is the easiest, because we have attended a lot of GD?s before and we are fully aware of GD?s. It is cake walk if you have some practice before and able to speak for some time grabbing the chance. Leadership qualities are seen more. Try to give a chance for people who are sitting idle, that?s all it?s a part of leadership quality. Ours GD was a one which takes pace in fish market.We din have ap proper GD,moderator was very angry...Altough i showed the leadership Quality n fortunately i was selected. Our GD topic was ?is indian cities ready for any disaster? all of us were againstthe topic and before the end we also covered some positive aspects regarding that and some preliminary measures for those


    1.Find the area of the quadrilateral if the length of the diagonal is 30cms and the length of the lines intersecting the diagonal at right angles are 20cms and25cms?
    2.some series question
    3.some reasoning question which was based on the population and the habitat of the people and it was  easy.
    4.question on vocabulary.
    Jumbled words were given and we need to find the correct order
    This was also a bit easy.
    5.A question on compound interest.Something like
    A man borrowed Rs X from 2 money lenders for 6 months with an interest of Rs Y .
    and Rs Z.Finally he had to clear a debt which was double the amount that he finally what was the compound interest that has been gained by the lender?
    6.An empty fuel tank of a car was filled with A type petrol.when the tank was half empty,it wass filled with B type petrol.again when the tank was half-empty,it was filled with A type petrol.when the tank was half empty again,it was filled with B type petrol.what is the percentage of A type petrol at present in the tank?
    7.A question on time and work.(Numbers were different but the model was exact)
    Something like A,B and C can complete a work in 10 days.A worked for 2 days with B andC who can complete the work in 7days .while the remaining work was completed by B and C in 5 many days does B take to complete the work alone?
    8.A question on the number pyramid.
    It was a bit tough.
    9.some reasoning question related to women and children.
    It was quite easy and can be completed in time.
    10.A question on clocks.
    The minutes hand gains 45% at 11.20am and looses 30% at finally what is the percentage of the time gained by the minutes hand.
    11.A question on figures.
    It requires a bit of logical was also a easy one.
    12.A problem on time and distance.
    13.A problem on partnership.
    14,15.These were also the reasoning questions.
    prepare the reasoning questions using the GRE textbook(BARRON) and also the R.S.AGARWAL VERBAL &NON-VERBAL.
    Also prepare the R.S AGARWAL QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE Book and also the barron.
    it is better if u refer the CAT books also for the reasoning questions.
    It was also easy if u have a little bit of communication skills.
    Each team consisted of 10 members and a maximum of 4 members have been selected.
    If the team does extremely well then they would also select all the ppl.
    they have shortlisted the ppl who did not follow the basic rules of GD.
    So be cautious.
    some of the topics that were given for us in the selection process are
    ->Can we reduce the day by day increase of the oil price.(This was my topic,4 members have been selected from our team)
    The interview was more a strees interview.
    if u r confident and technically sound then definetely u will get through.
    CONFIDENCE is the main key to success.
    Prepare all the concepts that r mentioned in the resume well.
    All the questions will be from those subjects only.
    DRESS CODE plays a very major role in the interview.
    CONFIDENCE is also a major asset for success.
    SHAKE HAND should be stiff and behave as a proffessional.


    There were 3 rounds of selection:
    1. Written test
    2. Group discussion
    3. Technical intertview & HR
    Written test:
    Well first coming to the written test--this contains aptitude, logical thinking, reasoning, complete the series &so .
    There are around one or two Q's of each type.
    Coming to the aptitude part-- its from  R.S Aggarwal.Some Q's are
    1. one calender problem like-- If  13th feb 2004 is sunday then wat day is 13th feb 1884.
     This problem is solved in Aggarwal book.
    2.The sum of compound interest and simple interest is (some value- sorry forgot).Find the sum.
     This prolem is solved in Aggarwal book.(as seen from many previous papers of Satyam,calender and
    compound interest problem has appeared many times) 
    3.Problem on complete the series.(this was difficult. sorry do not remember the values)
    4.One reasoning problem- 4 figures are given,find the next one.(this was simple)
    5.One small phrase and questions on that.
    6.There are 3 boys A,B,C and 3 girls P,Q,R.they all plan to study together by meeting at each's place each day.
    always they meet at B's place before R's place in the week. They meet at boys and girls place on alternate day basis.
    if they meet A's place on Monday then which of the following not true.
      this was a simple problem but time consuming.
     The main Point in this test is attend those with the ones which u  are sure  of
     as there is negative marking (-0.25).
    Usually cutoff is around 6 to 7 for 15 first be sure of 7 to 8 answers then go
    for remaining ones (time consuming ones).
    Group Discussion:
    Here comes the main elimination round of Satyam.
    Around 960 people were short listed for this round.
    Each group is of 10 people.My topic was "Youth in politics".
    few other topics were "is Violence shown in movies affecting the young mind","IT industries -advantages & disadv",
    "educational institutions", well some panel also gave the choice for us to select a topic.

    Technical & Hr round are together.Around 350 people were short listed for this round.
    For few two people take the inetrview(one technical & one HR).
    Well interview for me was around 20 to 25 min but for others it was from 10 to 20 min. So usually its
    from 10 min to 25 min for both tech and HR.
    i am from Electronics & communication branch. The tech round was on my subjects like
    Vhdl- difference b/w fpga and cpld, explain about the software used(Xilinx).
    Fav field & subject- q's on that
    difference b/w micro pro and micro cont.
    Explain project.
    In Hr round --tell about urself and family, why satyam,why should i select you,wat du u know about satyam.
    well actually for me even Hr was asking technical q's,Basically Hr just checks ur communication skills and ur approach
    and confidence.
    201 students were selected.
    Test is easy if ur r good in aptitude (aggarwal book) and logical thinking.but main elimination is in GD.
    Go through their website before attending HR.


    15 questions and 30 min were given. Each question is of 1 mark. There is a negative marking of ¼(i.e. 0.25) marks. Friends please play really safe. I have attempted 8 questions. I think cut off was 6.5 or 7.
    For aptitude do following
    ? See R.S. Agarwal: Average, Problem on Ages, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Time and work, Time and Distance, Problem on Trains, Simple Interest- Compound interest(always 1 sum), Area-Volume and surface areas(always 1 sum), Calendar(Always 1 sum), Clocks, Probability
    ? R. S. Agarwal(Verbal and Nonverbal communication): Logical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, Series(always 1 sum), Odd man out, Deriving conclusion from paragraph(options are given)
    This much study is more than enough for one of the biggest multinational company SATYAM. Here are some of the questions that I remember.
    1)      If length of a rectangle is more than its breadth by 10cm. Perimeter of  a rectangle is 84. Find the Length of rectangle.
    a)      16cm
    b)      26cm                                               
    c)      32cm
    d)      25cm
    e)      None of above
             Ans: b.      
                    Let breadth= x,  then leanth=10+x
                    Now perimeter is 84
                    Therefore 2(10+x+x)=84. u will get the ans
    2)      Simple Interest and Compound Interest were given and sum was asked to find out.
    3)      A brief passage was given and a statement which will support the paragraph was asked(from given option)
    4)      Workman work on a particular jog place. They take lunch outside on workdays when canteen doesn?t serve them fish. They take lunch on workdays when canteen serves them fish. Which of the following statement is true?
    a)      It is a workday and canteen serves no fish
    b)      It is not a workday and canteen serves a fish
    c)      It is not a workday and canteen serves no fish
    d)      It is a workday and canteen serves a fish
    e)      None of above
                Ans: d.
    5)    If  person has a loss of 10% on a particular product and a profit of 20% on another product. What is the total amount of profit/loss he got?
    a)      260%
    b)      60%
    c)      150%
    d)      0%
    e)      250%
                   Ans: a.
    6)  Find the area question.
    7)   Permeability question(quite difficult)
    8)                               ?
                                   126         161
                             63          71              79
                    25            29          33              37
              8           10            12             14            16
         1         2             3              4                5              6
    a)      220
    b)      226
    c)      227
    d)      300
    e)      None of above
                   (1+2)+5=8, (2+3)+5=10
                   (8+10)+7=25, (10+12)+7=29
                   (25+29)+9=63, (29+33)+9=71
    9)   T=T+2;
    If T7<6
    Then go to T1
    What is the final output?
    a)  4
    b)  6
    c)  7
    d)  32
    e)  None of above
    T2 is not defined
    10)  One side of triangle is 4cm. What is the area? Which of the following is true
    1.      triangle is equatorial
    2.      triangle is selegant
    a)      only (1) is sufficient
    b)      only (2) is sufficient
    c)      (1) and (2) both are sufficient
    d)      (1)and(2) both are not sufficient
    e)      None of the above
    11)  Problem on clock
    12)  What is the day on 15 aug 1947.
    a)      Tuesday
    b)      Monday
    c)      Friday
    d)      Sunday
    e)      Saturday
                      Ans: c.
    13)   Problem on ages(simple one)
    Sorry I don?t remember remaining 2 questions.
    Out of 5000 students 540 was selected after this round and I was one of them(This 5000 include all BE, third year pass out, MCA) so don?t worry , selection ratio is good.
             In GD there was a group of 10 students and out of them 2 are selected from my group. U should either start or end GD to get plus point over others. In GD they mainly look for LEADERSHIP QUALITY, CLARITY OF THOUGHTS, CONFIDENCE, VOICE QUALITY. My topic was Power crises in maharashtra  
    Out of 540 candidates 198 was short listed after GD
    3.      INTERVIEW
                There are total 8 panels (2 modest panels, 2 tough, 2 average, 1 panel having very high knowledge, 1 panel where thec and hr round are separate).My no is for average panel.
    In GD they not only look for your ans but main thing is your confidance.Speak with confidence, don?t show any nervous sign through ur body language. Here are some of the ques that are ask to me
    [Interviewer]: Define yourself in 6 sentences.
    [Interviewer]:What are ur strengths?
    [Interviewer]: What are ur weaknesses?
    [Me]:Well, I wont call it a weakness but I cant sat no quickly to any person or work.
    [Interviewer]:What is ur family background?
    [Interviewer]: Why should we select u?
    [Me]: My first response was I am fresh(the guy started laughing after listening this).then I said I am fresh so u can mould me according to ur requirements, I have basic qualifications and a strong desire to perform the work given to me, and the most imp I think is I am ready to work anywhere in this world.
    [Interviewer]: so ur ready to go bhuvaneshwar also ?
    [Me]: U can throw me anywhere u want.
    [Interviewer]: How much do u rate yourself in c?
    [Me]: Actually since I am from diploma I haven?t have c in my syllabus yet , but I am studying it myself, but before my study is completed satyam has arrived(after this guy again start laughing)
    [Interviewer]:ok how do u rate urself in c from 1 to 5?
    [Me]: 3(I said so confidently that he doesn?t ask me any more on c)
    [Interviewer]: explain ur diploma project.
    [Interviewer]: Why u want to join satyam only?
    [Me]: bec I think satyam is the only company where I can secure challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills.(this was most deadly ans that I have given)
    [Interviewer]: What are u regret of in ur life?
    [Me]: (This was a Yorker for me) after taking a pause I said, well, it?s been a good life. Rich in learning and experience and a best of it is still to come I think. Each experience in my life is a lesson to me in its own way. I won?t change anything. (I hit a sixer to Yorker I came to know this by Interviewer expression).
    [Interviewer]: Who is ur ideal?
    [Me]: Narayen muthi
    Remember the most imp thing u need for interview is confidence, patience, attitude. They will make u wait for a long time outside the interview room . In my case I was waited for 4 hours outside, so be patient. Go with nothing to lose attitude u will crack the interview.
    Out of 198 candidates 119 was selected and I am glad to see my name in the list and finally I was no more unemployed. BEST OF LUCK to all who is appearing for satyam selection process. Go with confidence.....


     Round-1 : APTITUDE TEST ?15 questions, 30 minutes.
    The paper consisted of only problems. U need to solve R.S.Agarwal quantitative book to be familiar with the test. Most of the problems were easy but u need to know the techniques to solve them quickly, because 30 minutes time is the main factor. There was +1 mark for every right answer and ?0.25 mark for every wrong answer. So do not do any guess work. Answer only those problems that u can solve confidently.
    Go through the following topics for this section:
    Round-2 : GROUP DISCUSSION ?Each group-12 members,10 mins. U need to have excellent communication skills, general awareness, to get through this round. U are in an advantageous position if u r a normal leader. But do not try to pretend to be a leader if u r not 1 in true sense. Because in this round everyone pretends to be a leader. And the coordinator easily finds out who has normal leadership qualities and who is trying to be 1. If u r not a leader truly, try and concentrate on the topic more. Bring out interesting and new points out of the topic to increase your chance rather than quarreling with group members to establish yourself as the leader. No matter what the topic is try to analyze the topic by the following few methods.
    Method 1) KWA approach: key word approach.
    Method 2) SPELT approach: social,political,economic,legal,technological approach.
    Method 3) VAP approach: view point of affected persons approach.
                       Take any topic into consideration and start jotting down points from today onwards following any of the above few approaches to be successful in this round.
    DO NOT?S IN A GD:-1.Never take a stance in a gd. 2.Completely ignore the coordinator. 3.Do not play with ur pen/pencil. 4.Do not move your hands/legs too much to indicate ur presence. 5.Never refer to anyone by name even if u know him. 6.Do not try to create a lobby within the group. Just be fair.
                       The topics change every year. So no need to memorize points on frequently given topics. Just be aware what?s going on around you and practice discussions. Its ur communication skills, leadership qualities, ability to present yourself in front of others and ur acceptability to others-that?s what is seen in this round.
     Round-3 : TECHNICAL & HR. This again depends on the panel u r in. In our case some panel took technical & hr in the same round while some took it in 2rounds.
    Knowledge in core subjects(for non CSE/IT students), C, C++, DBMS, Data Structures, & operating systems is needed. Apart from these they give a lot of importance in your HR skills. They are very friendly. The atmosphere inside the hall is also very good. But the HR round is a bit tough.


    Totally 15 aptitude questions.  30 minutes given.

    1. time and distance   ( 2 bullets fired  in 38 minutes gap.  It was traveling in 330 m/s.
    A man traveling in a car heard the sound in 36 minutes delay.  What is the speed of the car?
    2.   letter encoding  (ex:   XYZ  ->  ABC    then  PQR  ->  ?  ,  like this(but easy))

    3.  Given some number as input  and they given 5 set of output strings. For a  new set of input strings we have to find  the output.

    4.    clock problem

    5.    Reasoning (relation between statements)

    6.     Reasoning (relation between statements)

    7.    compound interest.

    8.    pyramid problem.

    9.    finding the average salary

    10.     Encoding binary system.

    11.    Figure problem.  Three figures given.  Find the fourth one.



    The written test was conducted on 10-03-2006
    I was in the first slot
    The written test consisted of Quant,Logic reasoning,aptitude,passage reading(only 1Q)
    The total no. of questions is 15 and the cutoff was 4.There was 1/4th negetive marking!(b careful)
    The cutoff usually will be around 6 and 7 generally.Each question carries 1 mark
    I don't remember most of the Questions.But i'll give u some basic idea of what was asked.okay!
    REMEMBER!!! dont try to solve every question.Do 9 or 10 perfectly or atleast 7 correct to ensure urself , clear the test
    1.complete the series
    ***(every time 1Q on calenders)
    2.Problem on dates(calender problem)
      what is the day on 25th september 1936(not exactly same)
    3.Four diagrams were given as sequence and we have to find the fifth from given options
    4.An equilateral triangular base prism of base ___units and length____units is melt into a cube
      Find the Lateral surface area of cube
    5.Given compound interest on certain amount for 2years as Rs.___ and its simple interest as Rs.___
      Find the Compound interest for 3years.
    6.One problem on algorithm
    10  Let R=3;
    20  Let R=R+2;
    30  Let R=R*2;
    40  Let k=R^2;
    50  print k-R;
    60  check R<32 goto 20
      what is the final o/p

    7.A passage was given and summary of it was asked in options select the correct one
    8.There was a work when done by 6 men and 7 women is completed in 6 days.The same work when done by 3 men and
    4 women is completed in 15days.Find the no. of days the work is finished in when done by 5men and 8 women
    (Not the same numbers).
    {Hint:let capacity of men=x and women=y;Then 6x+7y=(1/6) and 3x+4y=(1/15).Find x and y and substitute in
    9.A NEWS article on AIR services was given and 4 statements as 4 options were given and we have tu choose
    the most appropriate option.
    10.ASSERTION and REASONING type question
      two statements A and B were given
       a problem is given
    To describe it
    a>both A and B are needed
    b>A is sufficient
    c>B is sufficient
    d>A and B are not sufficient


    As we know this is the main ELIMINATION round
    The whole lot of 800 were made into no. of batches of 10 ppl in each
    The main qualities they were looking in were ur
    Always try tu make ur GD constructive!Most of the times the group getz benifitted when a conclusion is reached
    TRY tu initiate the topic or end the topic.BUT!,it is also the most risky effort if u don't do it properly
    any way u will find important tips fur GD on internet.
    our GD:
            After we all entered the room he made a note of all our numbers and made us sit in a sequence
      He then asked us to choose a topic of our choice
      The topic we chose was WESTERN CULTURE Vs EASTERN CULTURE
      only 2 of us were selected from our group

    1.The topic was decided by a 3ppl in the group without taking other's opinions
    2.The initiation of topic was also chaotic.3 ppl wanted those extra points of starting Gd .They did not stop.
    3.The discussion was worthless.Everyone wanted tu dominate,but,had no extra pointsand repeated same points
    Fed up with all these the observer asked us tu conclude in the 4th minute itself(scheduled time is 10min)
    4.The observer wanted 1 person of his choice to conclude.But,still poeple tried themselves to conclude
    +ve points------->
    1.when ppl were lingering around the same point,i interfeared in between and countered their points for
      a minute and welcomed their responses.But,they again continued on their own old point
    2.When the group was in chaotic discussion i did not go and mix up but kept cool(But, later i gave my points)
    **3.I was gettin familiar with my group members before the GD started and was cool while others were appearing
    tensed.He noticed all these things
    He shortlisted 220 members here

    The process started at 2:30pm
    There were 6 to 7 panels simultaneously in the process
    I was the first person in one of the panels
    As soon as i went in i wished him and he asked me to sit.He was appearing cool.This eased me out of tension
      ****PLEASE go in GOOD attire.This makes a definite impact on recruiters mind which will decide the further process
    The Qs r not in same order
    1.TELL me about urself
    2.Why should i select u
    3.Why du u prefer SATYAM
    4.After u joined SATYAM if u r given a Dress code & restricted tu use mobiles.How will be ur response
    5.What is communication
    6.Where du u use communication
    7.What is a DECADE COUNTER
    8.How many FlipFlops are in DECADE COUNTER
    9.Hoe du u rate urself in 'C'
    10.How du u declare an array
    11.How du u declare an array of different datatypes
    12.How du u define'Electronics'
    13.What is a diode
    14.What is an Oscillator
    15What is the feed back in an oscillator
    16.What is FM
    17.What is range of FM
    18.How du u differentiate Science and Application
    19.Why du u want tu join SATYAM
    20.Why shud i select u
    21.U are trained in Java and we asked u tu work in other field.How du u react
    22.U are selected in a company,does ur college recommend u tu attend for interviews of other companies
    23.What is ur father
    24.How many siblings u have
        That's it and he asked me tu wait for the result
    We can say i was lucky enough to be interviewed first.As the interview was going on it became more tougher
    Finally he shortlisted 148 ppl.

    The ppl who were interviewed after 4hours faced severe stress interview out of which only a handfull were selected.So, it alwayz beneficial tu get interviewed at the initial stages itself
    My frnz pls be prepared for the worst case always.Dont take any chance.I know ppl who lost many interviews due to silly reasons,and getting into a company is not a joke


     1. Are Indian cities ready for any disaster
    2. Was the incident that took place at world cup final by Zidane justified?
    3. Role of media in bringing awareness in the society
    4. role of media in bringing awareness in the society
    5. Pepsi and coke should be banned in India or Not?
    6. Agni
    7. Strike of Doctors
    8. Can we reduce the day by day increase of the oil price
    9. discuss on the Nuclear agreement between INDIA and US
    10. Is the war on Iraq by US justifiable
    11. Arranged marraiges Vs Love marriages
    12. Impact of movies on youth
    13. role of women towards the development of the country
    14. OBC reservations
    15. Youth in politics".
    16.  is Violence shown in movies affecting the young mind"
    17. IT industries -advantages & disadv
    18. Role of UN in peacekeeping
    19. Position of Women in India compared to other nations
    20. Environment MAnagement.
    21. . Is China better than India in software
    22. Should SONIA gandhi be made the PM
    23. BPOs in INDIA
    24. Govt contribution to IT
    25. will punch lines rule the Advt
    26. . premaritial sex
    27. is china a threat to indian industry
    28. india or west , which is the land of opportunities
    29. . water resources should be nationalized
    31. Effect of cinema on Youth ( Is it good or bad)
    32. Education in India compared to Foreign nations
    33. Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India
    34. How to deal with international terrorism
    35. Cricket shud be banned or not.
    36. Present state of Indian Cricket team
    37. .Love marriage/Arranged marriage
    38. Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?
    39. Power crises in maharashtra
    40. Banning of mobile phones in educational institutions
    41. If I was a MLA.
    42. Return of Saurav Ganguly in Indian cricket team
    43. Reverse brain-drain
    44. Are women better managers than men?
    45. Reservation in education?
    46. Physical education must  included in the curriculum ?
    47. Is there logical to give voting rights to illiterate people
    49. Women Managers
    50. Youth Icon of India







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