Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   G.E.C Kannur-27 Apr 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   G.E.C Kannur-27 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Iam Mohammed Aslam,6th semester ece student.I got selected in SATYAM COMPUTERS on 27th april 2007. Let me share my experience of SATYAM recruitment with u people.

    Students appeared:- 400approx.
    Aptitude cleared:-108approx.
    G.D cleared:-70approx.
    Finally selected:-30approx.

    1.10th 58%
    2. 12th 58%
    3. 58%(2 back logs allowed)

    There were three rounds:-
    1. general aptitude( 15 question/30 minutes)
    2. group discussion
    3. interview( tech cum HR )

    APTITUDE test had negative marking of .25 for wrong answers. correct answers 1 mark

    Q1. Question based on venn diagram.....(they gave a ven diagram)
    Q2. find the missing no.  40,50,60,48,56,64,?,53,60,44,50,56 (ans:-46)
    Q3. find the missing no.
             66    66
         28    28    28
     10    10    10    10
    2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2       (ans:-146)
    Q4. A thief steals a car and drives at speed 5km/hr. after 1 hr owner in other car chases thief at speed of 8 km/hr. at wat time owner will overtake thief.(not xat question)
    Q5. algorithm given..find the wrong output from the options.
    Q6. simple interest&compound interest problem
    Q7. IF 25TH SEP 1986 IS MON, THEN WICH DAY IS 18TH OCT 1993?
    Q8. profit & loss problem
    Q9. question on figures like ..find the next figure??
    Q10. question n series of numbers....
    Q11 & Q12... General english type
    (Remaining  iam not able to recollect)

    Group discussion was on next day. before GD  company persons gave a ppt about the company.
    Next a group of 10 students were made and sent for GD.
    GD topics were:-
    1.kerala gods own country kerala industrially backward
    3.mullaperyar dam
    4.hostellites or day scholars
    etc.......all GD topics were related to kerala.

    Candidates who cleared the G.D was given a form to fill.this is very important as question from this can come for the interview

    me:- may i cumin sir
    sir:- yes please be seated
    sir:- why did u opt ece in
    me:- bla....bla...bla....
    sir:- draw circuit diagram of this that etc.....
    me:- drawn confidently(was not sure if it was correct)
    sir:- would you like to ask any question to me.
    me:- aked two questions
    few of my frends were asked to write 8086 programs..

    finally we were asked to get collected at seminar hall and name of selected candidates were announced. i was very much thrilled to hear my name in that list.. dear frends never loose hard.....luck factor also plays a major role...

    all the best
    hope this info wud be useful to all students aspiring to be a 'satyamite' all the best once again for a bright  future.........

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