Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BTLIT, Bangalore-12 May 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BTLIT, Bangalore-12 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends...........
    i am swetha,3rd Telecom  from Vemana Institute Of Technology,Bangalore.tis s my 7th cmpany in al those companies which i attended earlier i cudnt even clr my written test.but i worked hard n ws able 2 clr my written test in Satyam .So never lose heart,God knows wher u wil shine better n he places u ther.but make sure u constantly work hard n success wil b urs.It ws a pool campus ther wer around 600+ students taking part......240 clrd written test n 103 clrd gd n finally 62 got selected in HR round.............

    Now let me come 2 the selection procedure.It has 3 rounds
    1) Written test (15 qns,30 min wit negative marking)
    2) GD
    3) Tech cum HR

    the qns r as follows
    1)A starts a bussiness inv Rs.4000 n B joins by inv Rs.6000 after 3 months .A leaves wen it ws 4 months 21 yr.wat s the ratio of their profit?

    2)a circular disc hs 6 diff fruits  n nams of thos frts wer mentiond in wat fashion they shud b arranged so tat  i)mango &pineappl r 2gthr  ii)mango n grapes r nt 2gthr..... 

    3)a monkey tries 2 climb a pole 21m long it climbs 6m in 1sec n cms dwn by 3m in th nxt hw mny sec wil it reach the top of th pole?

    4)SI  is gn as Rs.6000 rate of int s 10% anually for 4 yrs .find CI?

    5)AC,BG,CE,DI,_,EG fil th series

    6)sm thing rltd 2 north ,west  n all tat. lk man walks in a part drn  n taks turn sm thing lk tat.and finally v wer asked 2 find the displacement between 2 pts.

    7)a bag A has 6 white,4black balls.bag B has 5 white n 4 blk balls.wen a card s drawn frm a pack if it s red spade a white ball s picked frm bag A n few conds wer gn finally v had 2 find the probb of picking blk bal frm bagB.

    8)if 'x' books cost Rs.15 n 'y' cost Rs.8 wat s the avg cost of each book.

    9)a paragraph ws gn n based on tat few qns wer asked.

    10)teaching comp s made compulsory in schools 4 effective learning. and few stmnts wer gn v had 2 pick th sent tat weakens the stmnt

    11)there r 7 tapes in which one of thm s news tape n rest r A,B,C,D,E,F are music tapes.few condns wer gn lk c must b played jst bfr F etc n v had 2 pick th right  time slot 2 play news tape.

    12)3 horses n their names wer gn n their owners nams wer also gn n there ws sm problem wit every horse n v had 2 find which of th 3 horses runs fast.

    Sorry i dont rem th other 3.But make sure watever u answer s right.Dont go 4 guess works...........
    The next day ie 13 v had gd, the topics r al thos which r mentiond in other papers n nothing more than tat....Fortunatetly v wer gn th chance 2 pick th topic n so i picked Are Women Better Managers.......

    Al of us wer very eager 2 speak n none of them were ready 2 hear so within 2 min  v wer asked 2 stop n he gave each one of us 2 min 2 talk abt th topic....n i ws quite tensed n i made good points but i ws nt able 2 speak fluently.....So he gave me anothr chance  2 speak after every one spoke but tis time i was able 2 speak fluently.probably coz of my pts he gave another chance 2 speak...but as he had gn me an extra chance 2 speak i thot i might not get selected.............the res wer announced at 5 ....n luckily i ws selected...i felt so happy coz i thot i wud never clr gd......i had a misconception tat i wud never b abl 2 get into a company which has gd..but fortunately i made it up.n tat made me much more happier.......So friends dont underestimate urself u dnt knw the talent in u , u jst do ur job sincerly n th success wil automatically follow u............

    N since it ws already late n there wer 103 students 4 th intv ,48 of them had their int on th same day n th rest had it on 24........n i ws among the i had a lot of time 2 prepare i prepard myself wit C lang,n sub related 2 my stream........the intv started at 11 n ther wer 3 panels n my turn ws at 4 n i went 2 panel 1...

    Before i cud enter i asked him th permission n i wished him.he asked me sit.......As it ws late th HR ws alredy tired n he told me tat he didnt know anything abt telecom n he cant ask u any qns......i ws so scared coz th 1st stmt he told ws tis n stoped 4 abt 1min witout asking i told him tat he can ask me anything frm C.but he said he ws an electronics i asked him 2 ask qns frm ele.n finally he askd me "wat s an opamp?" i answered him n i ws stil goin on wit my expltn coz tis ws th only opurtunity 4 me 2 speak but he ws satisfied wit tat n asked me 2 he ws nt askng anything i startted telling him y i joined eng n y i am switching 2 comps.........n he ws damn impressed n he complemented me....n i told him tat im relocatable.......n finally he asked me if i had any qns......... i asked a couple of them....n he asked me 2 leave..........panel1 & 2 wer cool dut panel 3 ws damn screwing.the HR person ws asking deep abt th company n all th terms like"HR practices","ERP Solutions"etc n wat ever u ans he used 2 find a qsn frm tat so ther r people who r really screwing so prepare dont worry th only thing s u got 2 b confident..............

    Finally the results wer announced n 62 out of 103 got selected n i ws one among them............i ws so happy tat tis ws my 1st company 2 clr written test n i made it 2 the final dont lose hopes be optimistic................


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