Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BLDE, Bijapur-16 Feb 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BLDE, Bijapur-16 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I?m Bharath N, 6th sem, CSE, RYMEC, Bellary, Karnataka.. I attended satyam campus interview held by BLDE association, Bijapur. 1st of all i wud like to thank my parents,teachers, my mentors, fresher's for everything they hav given me & its them who r responsible for My Success..I am a Satyamite now..

    The Numbers:
    No.of students attended : 416
    No.of students got through written : 135
    No.of students selected for satyam : 92

    The recruitment process is of 2 stages:

    In written test the questions are 15 and duration is 30 min. the aptitude questions are easier than logical reasoning.
    Topics to be learnt:
    1. Probability
    2.Time & work
    3. Pyramids
    4. Simple interest & compound interest
    5. Profit & loss
    6. Paragraph conclusions
    7. Data sufficiency
    9. Logical reasoning
    10. Blood relations.
    11. Ages.

    NOTE: There is 1/4th negative marking in written test. It doesn?t have sectional cutoff but it has both lower cutoff & higher cutoff, for us it was around 7(lower). The questions were entirely different 4m those earlier papers posted here ,so make sure that u r well prepared. The questions were very lengthy. Time management is very important!!!!! I was able to attempt hardly 8 qns. But however I got through.

    TECH/HR interview:
    It was nearly 6pm in the evening when my turn came!!! It was very exhausting to wait for such a long time. I entered the room, praying to all kinds of Gods I knew.
    HR: What is your name?
    Me: Bharath, sir.
    Hr: So, where do we start? Bharath.
    Me: (confidently) Where ever you like! Sir(with a big smile).
    Hr: So tell me wat Technical courses you did during these years?
    Me: I told him C & C++. Hr: C? interesting, then write a program for calculating the Compound interest.(He gave the reqd data).
    Me: Surely sir.(I rememberd only the formula which I had studied the day before, Luckily) I wrote the pgm and showed to him.
    Hr: Oh, you done with it? Let me see.( I showed the paper)
    Me: Explained the logic & most importantly I WAS VERY CONFIDENT!!
    Hr: Your interview is over, you can go!!
    Me: (Shocked) Sir, I have some questions for you..
    Hr: No, I?ll clarify later, you please leave.

    I thanked him and left, in confusion and uncertainty. I told all my friends that I am gone.So, the results were to be announced in short time, finally the Satyam associate came over to the dias of the hall, it was 8 pm already.She started announcing the results according to the college. MY NAME WAS ANNOUNCED FIRST FROM OUR COLLEGE.       FINALLY I WAS SELECTED, I REALISED LATER THAT IT WAS MY CONFIDENCE THAT GOT ME THROUGH .. FINALLY I?M A SATYAMITE!!!. HAPPINESS ALL OVER.. SO THE KEY IS CONFIDENCE, accordin to me. Be confident and win the race..

    Bharath Nadukatla

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