Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -5 Jul 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -5 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Date of the exam:05-07-2006

    Pattern of the Exam:15 Questions in 30 minutes

                                    G.D round( this is the most eleminating round)
                                     Interview(both technical and HR Simultaneously)
    750 ppl have attended the written test out of which 300 ppl were shortlisted in the exam.
    then out of 300 only 120 ppl have been selected for the interview after the GD round.
    then finally 58ppl have been selected for the company.
    Marks: 1 mark for correct answer and ¼ negative  mark for every wrong answer.

    The exam was not easy but can be attempted if we work hard and be confident.

    Be cautious as there is negative marking and hence don?t take risk with bad gueses.


    The questions that I am giving here r just the models.

    The numbers are not the same but models r same.

    So take care of the questions.

    Prepare taking these models as examples but don?t depend on the numbers given here.



    1.Find the area of the quadrilateral if the length of the diagonal is 30cms and the length of the lines intersecting the diagonal at right angles are 20cms and25cms?


    2.some series question


    3.some reasoning question which was based on the population and the habitat of the people and it was  easy.


    4.question on vocabulary.

    Jumbled words were given and we need to find the correct order

    This was also a bit easy.


    5.A question on compound interest.Something like

    A man borrowed Rs X from 2 money lenders for 6 months with an interest of Rs Y .

    and Rs Z.Finally he had to clear a debt which was double the amount that he finally what was the compound interest that has been gained by the lender?



    6.An empty fuel tank of a car was filled with A type petrol.when the tank was half empty,it wass filled with B type petrol.again when the tank was half-empty,it was filled with A type petrol.when the tank was half empty again,it was filled with B type petrol.what is the percentage of A type petrol at present in the tank?


    7.A question on time and work.(Numbers were different but the model was exact)

    Something like A,B and C can complete a work in 10 days.A worked for 2 days with B andC who can complete the work in 7days .while the remaining work was completed by B and C in 5 many days does B take to complete the work alone?


    8.A question on the number pyramid.

    It was a bit tough.


    9.some reasoning question related to women and children.

    It was quite easy and can be completed in time.

    10.A question on clocks.

    The minutes hand gains 45% at 11.20am and looses 30% at finally what is the percentage of the time gained by the minutes hand.


    11.A question on figures.

    It requires a bit of logical was also a easy one.


    12.A problem on time and distance.


    13.A problem on partnership.

    14,15.These were also the reasoning questions.
    prepare the reasoning questions using the GRE textbook(BARRON) and also the R.S.AGARWAL VERBAL &NON-VERBAL.
    Also prepare the R.S AGARWAL QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE Book and also the barron.
    it is better if u refer the CAT books also for the reasoning questions.
    It was also easy if u have a little bit of communication skills.
    Each team consisted of 10 members and a maximum of 4 members have been selected.
    If the team does extremely well then they would also select all the ppl.
    they have shortlisted the ppl who did not follow the basic rules of GD.
    So be cautious.
    some of the topics that were given for us in the selection process are
    -> Can we reduce the day by day increase of the oil price.(This was my topic,4 members have been selected from our team)
    ->discuss on the Nuclear agreement between INDIA and US.
    ->Is the war on Iraq by US justifiable.
    ->Arranged marraiges Vs Love marriages.
    ->Impact of movies on youth.
    ->role of women towards the development of the country.
    ->OBC resrvations.
    The interview was more a strees interview.
    if u r confident and technically sound then definetely u will get through.
    CONFIDENCE is the main key to success.
    Prepare all the concepts that r mentioned in the resume well.
    All the questions will be from those subjects only.
    DRESS CODE plays a very major role in the interview.
    CONFIDENCE is also a major asset for success.
    SHAKE HAND should be stiff and behave as a proffessional.

    That?s all what I remember. I think this paper would help u ppl.

    I have got selected in Satyam and hope to see u ppl there in the training.
    Have a succesful job search.  
                                                      HIMA BINDU.

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