Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -17 Aug 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -17 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai guys.

    I've selected for SATYAM finally.

    Total candidates attended : 312
    No of people who cleared the written test : 120
    Numbr of people who short listed from Group Discussion round are : 44
    And finally after interviews(Techincal and HR interview)  : 28  

    I was happy to see my name in that final (28)  list.

    Pattren followed was: Written, GD, Technical & HR interviews

    Written - 15 questions, time duration is 30 mints

    1) Whats the angle diff betwn hr's mint's hands when clock is showing 19:55?
    a)92           b) 92.5           c)93.5           4)93            5) none

    2) If sum has doubled with compound interst in 3 yrs, how many years it will take to sum to become times
    a)10           b)9           c)15              d)8            e) none

    3) If u drive certain dist with 3kmph less speed then it takes 30 mints late . where as .. u'll be 30mints prior if ur speed is 4kmph more. Then whats the usual speed?
    a)24kmph        b)28kmph       c) 12kmph      d)14kmph      e) none

    4) Piramid problem  ans is 68

    5) Figures problem- asks u to identify the next(4th) figure

    6) data-interpretation question - Very very very very very easy question, anybody can put the right answer

    7) Series problem - 12,32,72,152,?,632  -- Ans is 312

    8) U purchased 2 articles for a total of 2500/- . and u sold one of htem for 50% loss and other for 25% profit. Howmuch is ur actual profit or loss%ge?

    9) Ten years ago avg of a family of 4 members is 24. Now 3 childs have born in that family out of them are twins and other is 2 yrs younger than thse twins. In such case also.. the avg haven't changed. Now guess the child's ages ?
    a)10,10,12             b)12,12,10            c) 9,9,11 ..... Like wise

    10) If $ represents '0' , % reprents '1' , %$ represents '2' , %% represents '3'  and so on. Then how do u represent the LCM of 20,36,60.  - Only thing is we have to represent the LCM value in BCD form (observe clearly the data - 3 was represented by '11'  that is '%%' )

    Coming to GD - Our topic is :
    Which will u vote for - HardWorking or Smart working?
    From our batch (total of 10) , You know 6 were selected. Only thing is we maintained co-ordination among ourselves.

    In GD, Do remember that, shouting/arguing wont brings u something. Don't do such. Other topics were - Do Womens are best managers or not?
             Western vs Indian culture ?
              Can life exist without IT ?

    Interview mainly depends on ur attitude, Fluency. One HR (not the one who done HR round for me) in one of my friend's panel is testing our psychometric /attitude by scolding- "You don't know anything , u r waste fellow".. like this. Only thing is we shouldn't be aggressive. Maintain eye-eye contact and answer questions loudly as well as clearly.


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