Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   SA Engg.. College, Chennai-23 Mar 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   SA Engg.. College, Chennai-23 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello frnds... my name is lalitha.. i have been selected in satyam at SA Engg coll at 23 rd of march 2007.. it was my second interview and got selected sucessfully.. i wished i want to share my experience with u all cuz it was my most happiest day.. the day i made my parents more proud than my birth... and secondly i want to help u all as i got the resourse from this site.. it helped me a lot for my preparations.. so would like to share my exp as my contribution....basically im a vey playfull gal with very little attitude and self cofidence.. but i could make it up as some of my friends got placed in first interview and i lagged.. i got a fire inside.. tried as much i cold.. sat fully in this site and prepared well.. i got confience and excelled.. so im sure that ull also will make it up... the thing is u must believe in urself... dont ever loose hope even after ur breath stops... cofidence is more more important than everything...  so ALL THE BEST FRIENDS...

    I ll share things watever i remember that will help for ur interview....
    1.Pyramid probs
    2.pyramid probs
    3.number series interpretation
    6.probs on ages
    8.simple interest interpretation
    12. proportion and mixtures
    my cut off was 4 to 7... 

    2.HR and technical interview
    This was my comediest occasion... i got stress interview interview will make u learn hw not to behave in an interview...  i  was the first candidate for that panel.. entered the room will lot of enthu and confidence ... wished him a good eve.. he asked me which sem are u nw in... in tension i replied him wrongly that im in 5th sem rather than saying that im in 6th sem.. he was shocked and asked me once again.. i then realised my mistake and then said him correctly.. i was really embarassed for answering the 1st question wrongly,.. i felt hopeless but somehw managed him by saying him that iwas really really depressed in writing my agg in all ur forms... he then energised me for my tactis.. he asked me to take my seat.. i sat good.. but without realisation i kept my file on his table... he starred at me... i again felt wrong... but somehw managed to take it in the middle of my interview... my interview started well and answered all his quetions with confidence... but when he asked me about my soft skills i said im going to java... he fired me with questions related to that.. i dint prepare myself so got nicely frm him...finally somehw convinced with some answers and got dont ever reveal anything abt urself unless and untill u r strong in it... be carefulll... more than preparations. confidence is more important there... they majorly tes upon ur tempor and confidence level... if u can prove urself there.. they r ready to mold u accordingly...

    All the best frnds once again... see u in satyam....

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