Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   R.G.M College Of Engg &Tech, Nandyal-18 May 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   R.G.M College Of Engg &Tech, Nandyal-18 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends...........
    I am Raja Sekhar Of 3rd Computer Science from Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College Of Engineering and technology Nandyal .This is my 2nd cmpany .In The First Company I have done well in The Written Test dut Unfortunately I was not cleared.I never lost my Confidence and prepared well for this company and successfully cleared all the rounds.So never lose heart,It is the Fate n u r Hard workWhich decides where u wil shine better n where u should be placed but make sure u constantly work hard n success wil b urs.It ws a pool campus ther wer around 600+ students taking part......120clrd written test n 70 clrd gd n finally 51 got selected in HR round.............

    The Selection Procedure has THREE rounds
    1) Written test (15 qns,30 min with negative marking)
    2) GD
    3) Tech n HR

    Coming To Written Test  It was a bit tough paper .Among the 15 Ques given  they had given some 4 with a ques of about 5 lines so that the student will be tense.dont get tense on seeing the as much as u  can.preapare R.s Agarwal that will be sufficient. The questions were
    1)some code like
    if R=some value
    continue step 2
    return j

    that was easy but cool

    2)A sequence was given & to find the next char some logic but easy
    3)problem on compound interst easy but time taking
    4)compulsory problem on calenders prepare well
    5)problem on allegations like a mix contains milk n water in ratio x:y some qty of  milk is aded n ratio became w:q wat is the qty of milk added
    6)time n dist easy
    7)data sufficiency                             
    Remaining were some wat lengthy &time taking Sorry i dont rem them.But make sure watever u answer is right.Dont go 4 guess works...........put wat ever u know as confirm ans. since the paper was tough cut off was 4.5 n i got thro the exam.

    The next day  v had gd, the topics r al thos which r mentiond in other papers n some general topics.we were given to discuss about Intermediate marks should be added to Eamcet or not.The most IMP thing is DONT TALK MUCH IN THE GD. better if u initiate.if others doesnt give a chance to u then try to conclude n listen to them n write somepoints on the paper wich help in concluding.nothing wrong n nothing happens but when u r given a chance speak confidently.

    Al of us wer very eager 2 speak n none of them gave a chance for me to speak the GD went like a debate atlast i got a chance  i ws quite tensed n i made a good point n spoke fluently.....So he gave me anothr chance  2 speak after every one spoke i was  able 2 speak fluently.probably coz of my pts he gave another chance 2 speak...n luckily i ws  selected n tat made me much more happier.......So friends dont underestimate urself , BE CONFIDENT OF WAT U R SPEAKING.

    The next was both Technical n HR .First i was a bit Nervous but i set my mind n confidently entered the room. wish the HR with a smile on u r face.  he wished me n asked to tell me about my self  Bla BlaBla...
    he didnt stress much on technical but asked basics like
    diff  bn structure n union
    wat is a ptr
    about ds
    linked lists
    if u r confident of wat u r saying that adds much n some more conversation was done.
    Finally the results wer announced n 51 out of  70 got selected n i ws one among them............i ws so happy n i would like to thank my Parents n Brother for giving me moral dont lose hopes be optimistic................

    so do  SMART WORK rather than simply doing the bookwork .Do u r jobSINCERELY n THAT COSTS U MUCH IN FUTURE. ALL THE BEST FRIENDS . HOPE 2 SEE U AT SATYAM

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