Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   M.P.C.C. E.T., Bhilai-8 Oct 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   M.P.C.C. E.T., Bhilai-8 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friend..  i am Y.Srikant   , 7th semester Mechanical Engineering from M.P.  Christian College Of Engineering & Technology, BHILAI. We had pool campus for Satyam on 8th October  2007 . First of all I want to thank my PARENTS, MY CLOSE FRIEND S & OUR RESPECTED MADAM for guiding and encouraging me to achieve this success. I also want to thank because it helped me a lot to prepare for the campus recruitments. Now i am happy to say that I am placed in my dream company SATYAM & feel proud to be a SATYAMITE?

    Coming to my selection process, On   7th October we have written test. Totally around 536 peoples participated out of which  213 cleared the written test. Next two days we have (Tech. + Hr. ) interview. Finally   137 students were selected.

     The pattern of their recruitment is:
    1. Written Test
    2. Tech & HR.  

    1. Written test: 15-questions. (30 min)
    1-mark for RIGHT answer, 1/4 minus for every  WRONG answer.
    Remember negative marking will be there, don't try to guess the answers. First choose the questions which are easy and not lengthy. Many questions were very easy but only thing is that they will try to confuse you .

    Ø      Some of the questions were from "Quantitative Aptitude? by ? R.S AGGARWAL" .
    Ø      Always refer to all the previous papers that were given in before appearing for any campus recruitment.

    It had 15 problems of 1 mark each . A 0.25 negative marking was there for every wrong answer. Total time given was 30 minutes. So, time management is imp.
    Lower cut-off=7
    So, better it wud be if u attempt 9 or 10 correct n sure shot answers bcoz u have 2 do the risk management. i attempted 11 questions, out of which i am sure of  10 questions to be right.
    I exactly don't remember the questions but Some of the questions and topics of the questions which were asked 2 us are :-
    1)     TIME & DISTANCE
    2)     PASSAGE
    3)     3,6,9,9,_,27,11,22,33   ANS :- 18
    5)     ODD ONE'S OUT
    7)     TIME & WORK

                                   126         161
                             63          71              79
                    25            29          33              37
              8           10            12             14            16
         1         2             3              4                5              6

    a)      220
    b)      226
    c)      227
    d)      300
    e)      None of above    ANS :- 300

    8)     T=T+2;
    If T7<6
    Then go to T1
    What is the final output?
    a)  4
    b)  6
    c)  7
    d)  32
    e)  None of above  ANS :-  (e)


          10) RATIO&PROPORTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    2. Tech & HR. INTERVIEW :-    
    On the interview day  i was asked to fill up the form mentioning the field in which I would like to work { i.e. either in ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS or SOFTWARE  FIELD }. As friends, I belong to mech. Branch. I had chosen the engg. Sol.
    So, if u r good in communication skills and in your core subject then nothing to worry?..  My interview was very cool with only HR questions. Main thing they are looking for Confidence, Communication Skills. I will say my Interview exp:

    ME: May i come in sir
    INT: Yes come in
    ME: Good morning sir.
    INT: Good morning srikant, take your seat.
    ME: Thank you sir.
    INT: Srikant tell me about your self..
    ME: I am ? (explained him about my schooling, family background, hobbies, strengths, weakness, n my past paper presentations )
    INT: why satyam should hire u ?
    ME:  Sir, i  have the leadership quality. I can persuade people to see my point of view, and get the work   done. I have the ability to motivate people and can emerge as a good team player by my smart skills.
    INT: So, srikant  u had presented National level paper on ? NANOROBOTS?. Write on this paper that how will you apply NANOROBOTS  in satyam..(he had given me a A4 size paper)
    ME: I had written all the important points in a quick time.
    INT: Good, you can go now. See you at  satyam .
    ME: Thank you sir. Its my pleasure to meet a person like you.
    The results were declared on the same day and I was happy 2 see my name in the list.

    some human resource interview tips :-
    1)      Be prepared and look professional
    2)      Be polite & positive .
    3)      Have a firm handshake.
    4)      Be sincere and direct.
    5)      Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.
    6)      Read company materials while you wait.
    7)      You have to prepare for questions and listen carefully to the interviewer.
    8)      Ask about the next step in the process.
    9)     Thank the interviewer.
    10)  Maintain eye-contact and have a smile in your face.

    So, Friends.. come on. Be a part of ?SATYAM?, Which is  one of the top software company of India . I am proud to be a SATYAMITE. Best of luck?



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