Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   Kala Bharathi, Visakhapatnam-23 Dec 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   Kala Bharathi, Visakhapatnam-23 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am selected in Satyam,

    Myself Bhagya Raj. This is the Satyam pattern which I faced at Kala bharati, Visakhapatnam.I am from St. Theressa institute of engg & Tech, Vijayanagaram.

    Written test: 15-questions.

    1-mark for right answer,1/4 minus for every wrong answer.

    I am attempted 9 questions In that 7 are correct (exact) remaining two ?.I solved my best

    Remember negative marking will be there, don't try to guess the answers. First choose the questions which are easy and not lengthy. many question were very easy but only thing is they will try to confuse you .

    Most of the questions were from "Quantitative Aptitude? by R.S AGGARWAL"

    Topics from which i got questions

    1. series completion,

    2. Data Interpetation

    3. Compound interest

    4.  Trains & speed

    5.  work and Time

    6.  Averages

    7.  Clocks??Angle between hour hand and minutes hand ??.

    8.  Volumes

    9.  Percentages

    10. problem on Ages

    11. Reasoning question

                That what I remember

    My personal suggestion is attempt 9-10 questions only and make sure that all are correct and  you can clear written if >6 are correct

    I am cleared Written

    My GD topic ?Rural development?

    The main elimination round of the SATYAM .My group contains 10 members. For my batch HR asked us to suggest us the topic and 10 suggested 10 topics out of which HR choose the topic and it was ?Rural development?
    We were given two minute time to note down the points.

    But one member started at that time only.(we r all discussed before only ?.not to quarrel) Discussion was very nice. The discussion went on for 10 - 15 minutes.

    TIPS for GD:

    1. If possible try to start first, if not no problem but try to speak not keep mum.

    2. Be fixed to your attitude, it is if the opposite person argues strongly don't leave your topic go towards others.

    3. It's a discussion don't make it as DEBATE ,be cool. Don't jump on others. They test your patience too when you are at heavy argument. Patience doesn't mean silence but talk smoothly, try to convince your offenders. (Best way is say ?yes? and say your way is best one)

    4. Always have a smiling face that will carry you towards the success(IN HR ALSO).

    5. Finally don't forget to conclude the discussion highlighting your strong points.

    6. Do a small work to know the names of GD members(when division of GD groups ?.make friends of ur group members) and call them by NAMES in discussion rather than calling friend and so ?.(IT HELPS U ?.A LOT)

    7. Don?t see the observer seating besides you.

    8. Write the points which are discussed in the G.D tell all of them when Observer asks to give conclusion

    9. At the starting you should wish all the members and introduce urself and explain ur points

    10. Your eye contact never be diverted from your team members and especially speaking person.

    11.My personal suggestion is speak louder

    12.Don't point out anyone with fingure.

    11. Use these phrases as many as u can???depend on the discussion

                ** ?Friends ?.Let?s us give equal opportunity to all?

                 ** ?I will say one point?

                  Take an advantage of shy person to share his views?? saying  ** ?Friend! You can also share ur views? its adds points to both of them (if he/she speaks)                 

    If any person telling his views without listening others or without giving chance to others than use can stop him simple saying **  ?please give chance to other people also?

    As our discussion went well, as result 6 members selected in my group but in some groups who created bad atmosphere ??only 1 or 2 selected


    I'm stressing more on GD because this is main elimination methods if u clear GD u r almost 85% selected.If u follow above TIPS u r surely clear ur GD(HOPE THE BEST)


    Last round is technical cum HR interview

                    It?s easy you can just walk-in ?..Whatever u put in ur resume (HR FORM) from that only question arise ?????so careful in preparing resume and SPEAK CONFIDENTLY
    My advice is don?t lose hope because there will be a winning day to you?. This is my 32 interview that means you can guess my long journey in hunting job??.So
    Hope the best and try for best

    I am very much thankful to my parents, brothers and friends especially HARI KRISHNA for giving support and encouraged me in my odd days because of whom I have finally succeeded???
    Thanks god for adding these good flavors in my life???..
    Friends!! Tomorrow is yours

    U r born to WIN ???U will suceed .......waiting for your success

    Ever loving Freshers?.


     Bhagya Raj

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