Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bengal College Of Engg.,West Bengal-9 Nov 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bengal College Of Engg.,West Bengal-9 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends..............Here m goin 2 write abt my xperience in satyam's campusing.. this is d second time when i hv attended satyams campusing....Earlier I was able to clear its apti but I was not selected in GD?but This time I made it in Satyam.
    Actually this tim they gave us a dream all the job holders 4m our coleg wr sittin n it along with top ten toppers of the following branches (EEE,ECE,CSE,IT,AEIE and MCA).. The criteria for non placed students was 60 % all through and not more than 1 year gap in studies?. Since it was a pool campus in my college.. 3 other colleges also participated in the process?

    Total students appeared : 180
    Apti cleared by: 106
    Finally selected : 22
    And 11 from my college that is the host college.. and by God?s grace I made through this time?.

    The design of paper was as usual comprising 15 questions that were meant to be solved in 30 mins? negative marking was of 0.25 per wrong answer? I had attempted around 12 . but I think the cut off was around 7 I think?.

    There was 3 rounds...
    Round 1>>Aptitude Test....[15 marks]
    As allways there was lower cut may b off 7....i hv scored 10 there(i think so)...each wrong sum  carries b careful...but i ws nt sure tht wheather thr was upper cut off or not... 3-4 questions were 4m logical reasoning...those wr a bit time consuming..n also d sums wr a bit long.. how i did ws jst i hd strtd 4m d middl...coz there was some easy sums...buddies u wl get few common questions pyramid probs,,1 from calender,,,1 from time n work...1 from 4-5 questions wl b common 2 u....dont worry abt d sums 4m the our paper tht sum didn required ne calculation.. also 1 sum 4m pictorial puzzles...very very easy..jst practice RS AGARWAL nicely...n if u r a cat aspirant then satyams paper wl b gelid 4 u...but here time plays an important role.. coz within 30 mins u have 2 finish your exam...

    Round 2>>HR round...
    Here i got a trickey start...since my serial no. was 82 I gave my HR interview around 12.45 am that?s is on next day  10th soon as I enterd the first remark by interviewer was that ?U look so fresh?.. I think here I made the impression .Then the  1 st question tht my interviewer asked was ?Tell me Joydeep ur marks are ok but why were you not selcted till now?.. I told him that my performance was not upto the mark and also that I had been able to clear satyam?s apti earlier also? Then after some more HR questions he gave me an essay to write and the topic was? Performance is related to..??...
    some other topics as was given to other students was... how do u compare an IT professional and an ant ???.. IT in rural India? IT and Elephant .. like those?
    all work no play make a jack boy dull... leadership skills... then after going through my essay he told me to report around 7.30 am on 10th for my techinal round.. there I made it through HR round?.

    Round 3>> Technical round...
    As i m 4m electrical and electronics engg. branch my interviewer asked me abt my project of 6th sem?. About automobiles full functionanig? and also gave me a C program to find greatest of three integers to write? He also asked from power electronics.. such as function and diagram of Inverters and UPS.. then finally some HR questions like why being an electrical student u wanna join IT?. The result was declared around 10. am on 10th and luckily I got through?.

    I was overwhelmed wid joy n some strange feelin at tht time....i hv no words2 describe tht.... but lastly one think tht i lik 2 say is tht i became so proud as i m a satyamite now..n we "THINK LIKE A CEO"........
    Best of luck....hope 2 see u in satyam soon....

    Joydeep Roy

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