Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   Academy Of Technology,Aedconagar-6 Oct 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   Academy Of Technology,Aedconagar-6 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends!

    I am Poulami Roy from Computer sc., Academy of Technology,Aedconagar(2008 batch),.I attend Satyam campus recruitment process in 6th October .It was a pooled campus around 100 appeared and 32 were select for interview and hr round. Finally 6 got selected.

    1.Aptitude Test:

    15 ques in 30 mins.1 mark for each right and 0.25 -ve for wrong answer.
    Aptitude test was little bit tough since there is a -ve marking so be careful to attempt the ques.Just do 7-8 ques correctly n u will b in. So be very careful  in aptitude test, no guess.  I think the cut-off was only 4.

    1.pyram id problem.

                  56       64
              24      28      32

          10     12      14       16

          Ans:- 32 ((add 2 numbers) + 6 to get the number on top)

    2.coding problem

    3. If 19 April 1999 was Friday. then what was the day on 19 april 1989?

    4.flow chart problem.


    6.A ques. From a text.

    7. A ques. From a text.


    9.If the area of a square is 112sq.find the area of the in-circle of that square?

    10. 11.picture series.

    11.If an amount doubles itself in 5 years then in what time will it get16 times?

    12.time and work problem. If  4 machines are working together. And 5/8 work is finished by them .If rs. 22 is the cost of working of 1 machine for 1 day. Then find the cost of all the machines for finishing the work.(approx??.)

    13.If a seller offers successive discounts of 10% and 20% on an article. Even then he makes a profit of 26%. Then by how much % list price was marked over the cost price?  Ans.75%

    14.sorry I forget the rest?


    There were 2 panels for interview. One of them for Hr interview and another for technical.

    PPT  started at 11 am?.then aptitude test started at 12.30 am...........the result announced at 2 pm. And interview started at 3.30pm.They gave a form to fill up, which is very important for interview. They may ask ques from that in interview. There is also a essay part in interview as there are no gd. My topic was ?reservation in private sector?.

    In interview, the panel in which I entered is concentrating mainly on technical,

    Firstly he asked ?tell me about ur family?


    1. Matrix multiplication in any language.
    2. Armstrong no.
    3. What is deadlock?
    4. About my project. My roll in that project.
    5. what is referential integrity?
    6. dcl,dml,ddl language and example.
    7. In a class there are 10 student and have 3 subjects. Just take there marks and print their marks.
    8. What is view?
    9. Difference between inner join and outer join,
    10. Uses of alter.
    11. Rest I forgot.

    It takes 1 hour.My fav. Subject is data structure but he didn?t ask a single ques from that .be careful of it.Look at the Hrs eyes and with smile face just speak.


    In Hr,

    It was just 4-5 min.And just asked simple ques.
    It is necessary to clear both technical and HR. 


    I would like to thank the SATYAM team and our placement members who conducted campus in my college.....they r very friendly........I would like to say that SATYAM is the best platform for a fresher................

    All the best????

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