Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -18 Aug 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -18 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi..every1..its gr8 2 be placed in any company and still greater 2 be placed in satyam.. i am one of the lucky 17 students from my college 2 be placed..
    well here's is all that went that day.

    As usual there were 15 questions and time duration was 30 minutes...
    There were about 5 quantitative aptitude questions..( train and distance , calendar problem , find decimal value of (1/5)^5 ,
    1 from non verbal section( a picture was given and the next pic of the sequence was asked )
    1 small Basic program (we were required 2 find its output very easy)
    rest were from logical reasoning....( alplabet series, 

    I answered only 8 questions but all were not try 2 solve all..there is an upper and lower cutoff..

    About 110 students were selected for PI
    the HR people were quite GR8..
    they made us all feel so comfartable that we hardly realised we were giving a PI..

    First of all prepare a gud essay in ur home ( they asked us 2 write an essay of our own topic 300 words). An essay that is relevant and which potrays ur mindset.. this will help ya 2 impress thr HR..
    They read each essay word by word and be sure not 2 make any mistake in that..Also prepare all question related 2 the essay u write.. they asked me about 6 queations frm my essay...) 

    I was asked only technical questions barring a few HR questions like
    describe urself..
    why shu i hire u? 
    ur strengths..
    how can u prove that u r confident and efficient..

    Technical questions asked 2 me were
    [ in which environment c works..
    in which environment c++ works..
    if u were a consultant and i were a client , in which wud u make a software (c or C++)
    if c why? if c++ why..
    why most of the companies work on C and few on c++
    why opearting system is made of C. etc etc

    Frankly writng .,i hardly answered 3 technical questions but answered all other HR question quite well.. even if u don't know the answer.admit it..the HR will be happy 2 know that ur honest.. my PI lasted 4 about 30 minutes...

    Also prepare RDBMS ,SQL command and syntax ..all most all of my frnd were asked (though not me)!
    Most important of all " Maintain absolute eticates and Manners in the room..
    once the people r impressed , they r sure 2 pick u..and that sure did happen wit me..

    BEST OF LUCK 2 YA ALL......

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