Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Total 15 questions(1 mark each) r given 30 mins with 1/4 -ve marking. All r objective.

    1. If SCOTLAND = 12345678, SAT=453, DON=128, and SALT=3782 then C = ?SAT,DON,SALT are not the exact words that were given but similar .LOGIC : C is not ther in any of the words other than 'scotland' and also 6. so C = 6.

    2. 3 persons travelling in a train.Mr.SMITH,Mr.JONES n Mr.ROBINSON they r ENGINEER, FIREMAN n 
      BRAKESMAN, but not respectively. Also travelling r 3 ladies with same names Mrs.SMITH, Mrs.JONES
      n Mrs.ROBINSON.
      1. Mr.ROBINSON lives in DETROIT.
      2. BREAKSMAN lives in midway of CHICAGO n DETROIT.
      3. Mr.SMITH beats fireman in a game of billiards.
      4. Mr. JONES earns $20000 per annum.
      5. BREAKSMAN's nearest neighbour earns exactly 3 times that of BREAKSMAN.Like this conditions r given and question asked is who is the ENGINEER? Question is just tricky but not so tough to analyze

    3. A question on number series. Using the relation of the first series find out E?
       57 58 118 357 1432
       205 A B C D E

    4. A large question almost a page. Very simple to answer. Some 20 facts r given n a question below which is not relevant to facts. So answer is NONE. Just go thru the facts in rapid fire n answer. Answer this question only at the last if time permits or else u will be stuck with it.

    5. Inference question. Children r frequently used in drug business.
      I. Children r smarter than grown ups.
      II. Children can be easily convinced n r not suspected.
      III. when they become young they can be easily trained.
      Like this 3 stmts r given and asked that which of the stmts r implicit. 

    6. A square , rectangle, circle n triangle r drawn in a overlapped manner n some number r given in the intersection parts( like venn digrams).
      square - cultivated area
      rectangle - desert area
      circle - electricity present
      triangle - medical facilities
      how much area is cultivated with electricity present but have no medical facilities.

    7. 1. A = B+C
      2. D = A+F
      3. E = B+D
      4. G = C+E
      5. B = D+A
      6. C = G+F
      like this 6 stmts r given(not exactly the same) n asked which of the stmts can be executed parallely.

    8. A C prog to shift an array towards left is given with some blanks in the place of while conditions.
      Have to fill the blanks.

    9. A problem which can be solved easily using venn diagrams.

    10.  A sequence of 4 diagrams is given n have to find out the next diagram in the sequence.
      they test ur logic thats it.

        GD : Each group consisted of 8. that is y 6 were selected out of 8.topics same as given 
                   UNO's portion in keeping peace 
                  Is CHINA a software threat to INDIA
                  US-IRAQ war etc


          Most of them had HR & PROJECT DESCRIPTION. 

    •  Tell about yourself? 

    • Strengths n Weaknesses.

    • what r the prog. languages u had? 

    • Which generation of language is Assembly?

    • Assembly program execution is faster or slow?

    • What r 4th gen languages? 

    • What is STACK?

    • Any other thing like STACK?

    • why to use pointers?

    • Which data type u use for pointers? data type of value which we want to point to. I said even we can have 
      VOID pointers.

    • What is the use of void ?

    • Why do u need functions which return nothing?

    • How do compile a JAVA program? Using JAVAC we compile and we get 'bytecode', then it is presented to JVM which interprets the code and converts it into machine code.

    • What is differernce between Compilation and interpretation?

    • In RDBMS what is referential integrety? I told about foreign and primary constrains.

    • What sports do u play, wat r other extra curricular activities do u have?

    • wat is ur family background?

    • Any problems faced during ur project not technically? want to test ur ability to work in a team.

    • What is the tough stage u faced till now during ur whole education?

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