Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1.  get the correct arrangment of sentences.
      i. This is.
      ii.This is sentence with 4 references.
      iii.This is to say that this sentence is a lonf sentence.
      iv.This is not the last sentence of the paragraph.
      v. The previous sentence to this is the longest sentence.
      vi.This is first sentence of last paragraph.
      vii.This refers to last sentence.
      There were 2 more sentncs similar 2 this. For the correct soln look at the answers & get it. By lookin at the stmts u wont get anythin.

    2. A third of this value is 1/2. What is the value. Ans: 3/2

    3. How to measure 4 l by using 5 l & 3 l vessels only. Choices were 5 l - 520254 3 l - 032.....u will get it by look in at answers.

    4. Ther are 10 red balls,6 white and 5 blue. How many balls should i pick to make sure that i have atleast 1 of each.

    5. There are 1 way routes from A to G, Mto H, A to F....(A, G etc are given as some place)
      Which is the shortest route from A to F.

    6.  A Fence was being erected by Jatin. The poles were to be 5 ft apart, but as Jatin(the fool that he is) forgot to bring 4 poles, he erected them 7 ft apart. The q is how much distance was the fence to cover.
      Choice: 70 ft 92 ft 100 ft 75 ft....Ans: 70 ft.

    7. a- this is first sentence of 
      b- this sentence follow second sentence
      c- this sentence shows that this is logest among 
      all the sentences
      d- ____
      e- ____
      f- this sentence is last sentence of the paragrahph
      now arrange the above self descriptive sentences to form a paragraph.

    8. there are this many numbers of i.___ a's, ii 1 b ,
      iii ___ c's, iv i d's, v __ e's, vi __ f's, vii __
      g's, viii___ h's, ix ___ i's in this sentence. 
      ( all the numbers are in roman numerals )
      ans- so u have to count number of a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i
      in the sentence simple

    9. some xyz has to fence his field , he planned to do it by putting the fences 5 ft apart, but when he actually started putting fences he found that he has got 4 no. of pole less so he put them 7ft apart to cover the whole boundary.
      what is the total length of the boundary to be fenced.
      ans: 5x = 7(x-4) x=14 .... implies boundary = 14x 5 = 70 ft

    10. There r some code given for some
      P Q R S T G H J K J 
      4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 0 9 
      Due to some security reasons the codes r changed .
      G O P E B Z X C V L 
      1 2 3 9 0 6 7 8 5 4
      four ques based on it.. which can be simple solved by comparing alphabets to their corresponding  numbers.

    11. If there r five students ( A B C D E ) who can comunicate through emails.. then some routes r given
      like A- B 
      A - E 
      B - D
      que is to find how can B comunicate with c in min number of stoppages.( remebr if ther is direct route from b to c then that is not the one with min stoppage. min means atleast one, so don't consider as direct from b to c)

    12. One was like that there r certain number wroitten to the base 3 ... then to identify some relations between no..
      it was a question with 4 subparts n full page question. as 15 ques has to be done in 30 mins . so better leave such long ques .. as they can't be solved in less then 1.5 mins.

    13. 2 nos: , LCM=693 , GCM=11 one no: 77 find the other ?  ans: 99

    14. 5 children,youngest 3yrs old and no 2 children hve the same age ,sum of their age is 26.Find the age of eldest.
      7,8,10,... ans:8

    15. Second no is twice the first no and first no is thrice the third no Their avg is 20. Find the greatest no: ans: 36

    16. RS232 cable - bit transfer rate ?0-50000,5000-50000..

    17.  If CPU wants to stop the IO process and continue with main processing ,then which device it uses :
      Control Unit,IO Divertor,Channel Divertor,None

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