Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. e o e r e.... which is the next letter

    2. A ship has a ladder which has 6 rungs. The first rung is 1 ft. above water. If tide rises 1 ft for every 15 min. How many rungs will be under water after 1 hr.

    3. Red, blak hat like questions which requires damn horrible patince ton look in to the root of the problem and come up with answer. It was from george summers.

    4. Who is the billionaire among henry,everet..... Almost same question which was asked in infosys october 12th test.

    5.  mango, orange problem.... basically from R.S.Agrawal book.

    6.  Two qustions from CAT logical reasoning. The ones having 4 figures, we have to find the fifth. I was well prepared in that type. Most of the people got eliminated in these kind of problems only. One should be very carefull while answering such qeustions, b'coz you will find 2 figures which may look like right answers, but only one has the exact relationship with the previous 4 figures. So, you should be carefull in choosing such answers. I got them right.

    7. Most of the rest were like george summers things, but modified perfectly. Like one of them tell you the exact truth, one sometimes tell you the truth, one lies. So, startr with which you see as wrong first. In my case I started with the thing which most others thought it to be wrong. I wrote that as answer. I got it right. 

    8. A nawab gets out at a railway station 2 earlier to his scheduled arrival. He walks at 3mph speed. At the same time, when he left railway station a cab left his house so as to reach the station just on time. He is walking towards his house. He got his cab on the way and reched his house 1 hr before what everybody thought it as his scheduled arrival. What is the distance between his house and railway station?

    9. one question on the coding simple one..  ESETE? WHAT IS NEXT.....
      A) u B)r C) e D) s e) none

    10. One question on figures...four fig ..are given what is next fig???

    11. given 6 persons having some RSxxx/- arrange the order with respect to money(8 lines Q) 

    12. Given RS 140 how u will share the some thing like that...I don't remember...

    13. work-time problem given...he given A work in 6 days B work in 8 days C work in 10 days....he given A leaves after 8 days ....some thing like that 

    14. A train has lenght of 108m, it is travelling at a speed of 50km/hr. a second train with length of 1121m, opposite direction to first train, passes the first train in 6 seconds. What is the speed of the second
      train? options : a)40 b)55 c)65 d)non of these.

    15.  which no. comes next 7100, 13, 6, 4, 3, ...

    16. Magzine a is kept on b, b is abov g,i is blow h etc... which was kept at the bottom?(easy)

    17.  there are two mugs, a 7ltr mug, a 3 ltr mug. what wud be the steps to fill 5ltr water in the 7 ltr jug??
      a) fill the 3 ltr mug, pour its 3 ltrs water into 7ltr mug
      b) fill the 3 ltr mug, pour its 3 ltrs water into 7ltr mug
      c) fill 3 ltr mug and pour 1 ltrs water into the 7 ltr mug
      d) empty the 7 ltr mug, pour the remaining 2 ltrs water in 3ltrs jug, into the 7 ltr jug.
      e) fill the 3 ltr mug, pour its 3 ltrs water into 7ltr mug 
      options: a) abced b)acbde c)abcde d)acbed
      Ans: abcde 

    18. I m chaising a thies. The theif has a head start of 10 miles over me.i have a speed 1 mile/hr greater than the theif. my dog has a speed of 10km/hr. My dog runs to and fro between me and the thief. How many miles does my dog run, before i catch the thief? a)96 miles b)124 mile c) 140 miles d) 180miles 
      Ans: 96 miles(b'cos the dog can cover a maximum of 10km/hr * 10hr=100km by the time i catch thethief. ie., about 96 or 94 miles. (options i have given for this Q are correct.)

    19. Four women Anna, Beth, Cass, Dora and 3 men Earl, Fred, Gene playbridge, a card game for 4 players.condition: a) The men and women consist of 3 married couples. an a widow.
        b) The members of each married couple are never partners in a bridge game.
      c)No more than one married couple ever plays in the same bridge match.
      d)One night they played four bridge games in which the partners were as follows: partners Anna and Earl Vs Beth and Fred Anna and Gene Vs Dora and Fred Beth and Cass Vs Fred and Gene Cass and Earl Vs Dora and Gene who is the widow ? 
      Ans: Cass is the widow

    20. The owner of the mansion has been murdered. The visitors to the mansion were Allen, Bixby, Crain. 
        a) The murderer was one of the three visitors, arrived at the mansion later than atleast one of the other two visitors.
        b) A detective who was one of the three visitors arrived at the mansion earlier than atleast one of the other
      two visitors.
      c)the detective arrived at the mansion at midnight. 
        d) nither Allen nr Bixby arrived at the mansion after midnight.
        e) The earlier arriver of Bixby and Crane was not the detective.
        f) The later arriver of Allen and Crain was not the murderer.
      Who was the murderer.
      Ans: Allen was the Detective and the Murderer (both)

    21. A four digit number whose first digit is 4 more than the last..and things like that....

    22. clock problem..

    23. logical questions like a is taller than c,c is shorter thn d...goes on...finally they ask who is shortest.

    24. One problem was there which consisted of letters represented in the form of letter
          a e
        b d f
         c g
      each of these letter represents a digit ranging from 0 to 9...which number does d represent such that the product of abc,bdf,efg are the same.

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