Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vardhaman College Of Engg.Hyderabad-17 Jan 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vardhaman College Of Engg.Hyderabad-17 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello everyone I am Krishna chiatanya doin engg 3yr (ECE) from vardhaman coll of engg Hyderabad?we had satyam on campus recruitment?.Before starting my experience let me tell u one important thing?Plz have dedication and respect towards any work u do?..?Pray God it really works? really helped a lot in my case. Coming to my experience..the aptitude exam was on 17th jan?1500 hundred students attended from different colleges...out of which 356 students were selected for further interviews..

    Aptitude test as u all know consisted of 15 q?s..30 mins n plz be cautious ther is negative marking(1/4th marks) sincere suggestion is plz be careful..answer to q?s which u know perfectly?or else take it granted? In aptitude ther were q?s based on permutations,age,relations,compound interest,analytical reasoning,..etc..sorry don?t remember al of them..

    Next  we were asked to fill  to resume form which they provided after the pre-placemnt plz be cautious the q?s will be asked based on this resume only..for example if u have done a proj writ in the resume .the hr will ask u many q?s based on this?..n then v were given a topic n asked to write  about 300 words?.my tpic was ?R RESSEVATIONS NECESSARY?. I wrote the essay in the best possible way I can b?coz I feel tht this wud definetly have an impression  infront of HR b?coz he wil defienetly see that..

    Next day we had HR+TECH round?.
    ME: plz may  I com in sir?
    HR:yes plz take ur seat
    ME:Thank u sir a very gud evening to u sir..
    HR:he asked me whether I had my had my lunch.
    ME:I humbly replied no sir I had my brunch at wil have my lunch peacefully after the interview..
    HR:he asked whether the interview process was hectic
    ME:I said no sir it was there were hundreds of people so it was inevitable  for us to have this lengthy day schedule..
    HR:he asked wher do u stay?also asked me two explain the route from my coll to my bus stop..
    HR:tell me ur subjects from 1st yr to 3-2.
    ME:me answered
    HR:he asked whether he can ask me q?s related to C as I was from ece
    ME:very confidently said yes sir as I am already acquired in C u can ask me any q.
    HR:he gaveme aprog n asked me to the output.
    ME:I wrote n gave
    HR:which Is ur fav sub?
    ME:I said my fav sub is LICA
    HR:he asked me several q?s based on multivibrators,Schmitt trigger,oscillators?etc..
    ME:I answered all of them confidently without any break..
    HR:ok MR.K.C(this was the nickname he gave me as my name was krishna chaitanya pretty lenghy na?hehehe) u can leave now nice meeting
    ME: I said thanx a lot sir have a gud day ahead?.

    Frnds one thing here he wil n0t only c ur answering capacity he wil also ur expressions,siting style walking style..confidence level..(TIP:plz do not give a break while answer as it wud imply that ur confident in the subject so talk wat ever u know about the subject.)

    1.plz be neatly wud be better if u were a tie(for boys)..
    2.DOnt take KILOS KILOS of subject with u b?coz no one wants to listen to sub for long times  instead take TONS TONS of confidence,smile,humbleness(b?coz he wil neither ask u money or sweets for giving wat u have?.insted he expects u to be confident,cheerful which is free of cost...)

    And the results were announced at 10:30 nite..210 from 356 were selected..I AM a satyamite now? GOD bless one and all?wish u all the best?.meet u at ?satyam-what business demands?...

     "HAVE A WONDEFUL YEAR 2008"- "life is a lesson learnt it!! and get thru the life exam succesfully"...........

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