Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vardhaman College Of Engg-18 Jan 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vardhaman College Of Engg-18 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello friends, myself sriram pursuing my b_tech from CMR institute of technology in ece branch. I am delighted to share my experience. We had satyam campus recruitment at vardhaman coll of engg on 17th. This was my first attempt to any interview. I was calm and confident. About 1500 student were going to take the aptitude test. My first huddle was to clear the aptitude test.

    Aptitude test:

    It consisted of 15 questions (+1 for correct answer & - .25 for wrong) they are as follows:

    1)      Logical question about the arrangement of cards.

    2)      Blood Relation.

    3)      Pyramids.

    4)      C program o/p.

    5)      Age (father & son ).

    6)      Logical application question.

    7)      Speed & Distance.

    8)      Probability.

    9)      Passage (3).

    10)   Time & work

    11)   Compound interest.

    12)   Analytical question.

     If one is perfect with RS AGGARWAL he can easily get through aptitude. One thing my friend don?t attempt more than 10 questions. I don?t know exactly but satyam has an upper cutoff also. So try to keep it between7-10.


    Essay writing:

    About 350 students cleared the aptitude. We had a pre placement talk. After that we were asked to fill up our ?resume? & asked to write an essay. The topic given to me was

    ?Role of media in our society?, I wrote both the positive and negative effect of media.



    Interview was on 18th. Students were divided into two batch. I was in the morning session. My turn came at 10:30 . I kept myself as cool as possible. I kept on telling myself to give the best shot what ever the outcome may be. I was called in  

    Me : Shall i come in sir ( with a gentle smile ).

    Hr  : Come in, plz take ur seat.

    Me : Thank you sir.

    Hr  :  Tell me about yourself?

    Me :  I told the answer in a very polite manner. With my tone high such that It should be as clear as possible.

    Hr  :   Tell about ur essay which u wrote yesterday.

    Me :   Explained the whole thing . About positive & negative effect of media.

    Hr   :   U have written that ?fashion tv? & wrestling are negative .Is it not needed?

    Me  :  (calmly) It is needed but, at the same time it is making our younger generation more Enthusiastic and they are diverting from studies.

    Hr  :  Is it not thought at home, not to indulge in such activities.

    Me :  ( I was mentally struck, but got a point ). Yes sir I completely agree with u. But I Would like to tell u an example of ?Sakthiman?. A 12 year old child knows if see touch fire would burn. Then also see burnt herself as see thought her heros would come and save her.

    Hr   :  (partially satisfied) Tell me ur areas of interest?

    Me  :   I am good in digital communication & STLD.

    Hr   :   Tell me any three topics in DC & explain?

    Me  :   I explained completely with good eng & my tone high & was fully confident

     Hr  :   Asked questions on what I had told

    Me  :   Answered all questions.

    Hr   :   Any questions for me?

    Me  :  As a SATYAM aspirant what all additional skills I have to learn before joining ur  Org?

    Hr   :   All additional skills will be trained by the institution u will be joinig.(explained for about 2-3 min ).

    Me  : ( I became a good listner. Showing full interest on what he is talking about) Thank

              You sir for interviewing me. Have a nice day.

               (gentle smile ,shake hands & then left).


    The results were declared at night 10:30 . I was selected and I am a SATYAMITE now.

    All the best my dear friend & wish u too, 2 get through satyam. Hope u might be benefited from my experience.




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