Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   STCET,Kolkata-26 Feb 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   STCET,Kolkata-26 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, this is Saurav Chakraborty, 6th sem IT from STCET, Kolkata. I attended the Satyam campus drive held on 26-Feb-2008 & was among 38 selected students. I  really want to thank for their experiences. This was a exclusive campus drive for our college.
    1. Aptitude Test (includes puzzles, quanti, Reasoning)
    2. Essay writing (this was along with the procedure of filling of form)
    3. HR

    Total students attended : 114
    Total students got selected in aptitude test : 72
    Total Students  got selected for technical interview:49
    Finally:  38 

    Aptitude test paper 
    As you would know there is both LOWER & UPPER cut-off. This time cut-offs were between 4 and 9. 
    Aptitude mainly included the chapters : Algorithm, Time & Distance, Problems on Boats, Series, Pipes & Cistern, Bar graph, Compound  interest (from quantitive) , Data sufficiency, Puzzle ,Drawing conclusions  from small paragraphs.
    The aptitude paper was quite tough but if your quantitative is good u can go through. 

    We had to write an essay, which was within the procedure of filling the form. We were said to fill the form & write the essay in 4 min. Different topics were given like- Premarital sex, India?s nuke deal, Love marriage v/s Arranged Marriage, Democracy in India, Should cricket be banned in India, etc
    Essay round was not a elimintion round but a good essay increases your chances in the interview. At least it should not have any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. 

    Me: May I cum in?
    Hr: yes plz.
    Me: gud afternoon. He read my essay.
    Hr: which school are u from?
    Me: Vivekananda mission school.
    Hr: give a knowable location?
    Me: it?s opposite to IIM ,kolkata.
    Hr: so why didn?t u join it??
    Me: I haven?t completed my graduation yet and I just want to be a good engineer.
    Hr: ok go for the technicals..

    Me: May I cum in???
    Int: yes .
    Int: so tell me about yourself?
    Me: I said about my schooling, my hobbies, my other interests, etc.
    Int: why shall I take u?
    Me: I am versatile and I can mix with people.
    Int: do you know DBMS?
    Me: in my present sem.
    Int: you must have a deep knowledge of it before joining the industry.
    Me: ok sir, I will develop it.
    Int: if I give u a project, how will you go about it?
    Me: I explained him the principles of software development life cycle.
    Int: your major strength?
    Me: my confidence.
    Int: ok your special interest is travelling, so which are the places u have visted?
    Me: I said Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Vizag, Puri, Uttaranchal, Nepal, assam.i went on for 2 mins and told him the places I liked most.
    Int: so do u have any problem shifting to Hyderabad ?
    Me: no. I have none at all.
    Int: thank u.

    The results were declared at 7:00pm .i was one of the lucky 38.friends never drop your confidence; whatever situation u face.This is what I have learned!!!!

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