Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SIT, Tumkur-16 Apr 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SIT, Tumkur-16 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai friends, I am SHRUTHI PRAKASH from SJC INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLGY   I AM PLACED IN ?SATYAM?!!! and now I really want to say thanks to freshersworld which made me to reach satyam?
    This is the 7th company I have written and finally I got placed in ?satyam?.so have patience and one day definitely you will be placed in a good company??..


    The entire satyam process consists of 3 rounds

    1. Aptitude

    2. Group discussion

    3. Technical+HR

    1st day: we had aptitude test on 16th april, this test generally consists of 15 questions on calendar,clock, number series, time and work, time and distance, compound interest, simple interest, one program, pyramid, decision making, etc so you people can refer r.s agarwal?s  aptitude book.. actually our test paper was too tough and I?ve solved just 4 questions but am very sure about my answers and remember guys there?s negative marking is also there......there were 2200 students who had written the test in that 270 people were short listed .. thank god luckily my name was there !!!!


    2nd day:17th april

    this day we had group discussion at 12.30pm ..n our batch got the topic ?men  are better cook than women?  . remember friends this is 1 of the elimination round?.

    Some gd topics were..

    1.arrange marriages vs love marriages

    2.eastern culture vs western culture

    3.colas are banned in college campus or not

    in this round out of 270 students 130 were short listed n my name was there!!!!!!!


    Tech+HR round:

    This round is the easiest round .. main thing is ur communication skills, confidence, eye to eye contact , n ur smile plays a  very important role . the interview was like this.. As soon as I entered into a panel I wished her good evening mam  with a nice smile than interviewer asked me to take my seat. she was very cool?thank god!!

    Int :tell me about urself , ur goals, aspirations..??

    Me: I started,? well I am  blah,blah??.?and I told all my achievements and hobbies an all and she was very much impressed by me and she gave complements for me and I was very happy and cool that time..and I said ?thanks and thanks a lot mam ? .

    Int: why satyam?

    Me: I said all their certifications, and good things about company, and my luck that day only they have got ?2nd best employers award ? n I told all those things, and interviewer was verymuch impressed?

    Int: do you no any other subjects except from e & c(as I am from e &  c back round )?

    Me: mam I know basics of c and c++  

    Int: write a program for swapping of 2 numbers using pointers?

    Me: I was very happy when she asked me this program.. n I?ve written it correctly..

    Int: what are all subjects you have now??

    Me:  I said vhdl, digital communication, etc

    Int: what is digital communication?

    Me: I said mam ? blah blah ??the definition .. and gave examples to that..

    INT : do you have any questions?

    Me: I asked her ? mam is it necessary to learn any more languages and subjects before I join to satyam ??

    Int: then she said its not necessary , we will only train u ,,,if you r too interested you can learn in this time? she said..

    Me: ok ok?

    Int: well shruthi .. all the best .. with a nice smile and she gave her hand to shake

    Me: with a nice smile I too did it .. and finally I came out from that panel with somewhat satisfaction,

    Which is very much important..

    Then finally out of 130 around 50 got selected? n  finally my name was there .. i really want to thank  god and my parents??.now I am in satyam my draem company? Friends just be confidence, do hard work and of couse ur smile  will creat miracle in ur life and definitely you will be in ?satyam?.. 

    Friends I wish u all

     ? ALL THE BEST?..




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