Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Rai & Naidu College, Ongole-7 Apr 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Rai & Naidu College, Ongole-7 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends,
    i m syamala. i m pursing my final got selected 4 satyam.tis is my 2nd company. before tis i attended 4 l&t InfoTech. but i didnt through the written test.on the next day itelf i appeared 4 satyam nd i hav done it.getting a job with in the 3-2 itself made me very happy. friends dont loose ur confidence. confidence makes impossible possible. totally 850 appeared & 490 through the written & 127 crossed gd  finally 88 are selected.

    hope u all  know tat satyam has 3 rounds.
    1.Written test
    2. Group discussion
    3. Tech&hr

    firstly written test  includes  aptitude&  reasoning it is ok somewat .totally 15que among them some are 4 calenders, percentages, simple & compound interest etc and reasoning ques are ok. keep in mind negative marking is there.

    In the gd the group consists of 10 members and our group was given with the topic "capital punishment".
    coming to personal interview the interviewer was very cool. first of all i introduced
    myself and wished him.
    hr:ok tell me abt urself
    me:i told abt my confidence ,leadership qualities & schooling ,family background etc and then
    hr:asked how do u support tat ur confident
    me:ans with a situation
    hr:continue abt ur self
    me: told hobbies
    hr:can u give me a couple of quotations
    me: told
    me:abt achievements (as i presented a  paper in a national level technical papermeet)
    hr:asked ques abt tat
    me:i answered then i am saying strengths
    hr:he interrupted me and asked abt weakness
    hr:how can u justify ur ans
    hr:career objective
    hr:where do u want 2 find urself after 5 years
    hr:ok u can leave
    me:i asked him 2 ques abt my career in satyam
    hr:do u hav any more ques
    me:isaid no & thanked him
    hr:all the best syamala

    that's abt my interview
    hope it wil b useful 4 u friends. be confident. all the best.


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