Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   OIST Bhopal-17 Mar 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   OIST Bhopal-17 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Selection procedure in satyam consists of three session these are:

    Ø     Written test.

    Ø     Group discussion.

    Ø     Interview session.         


    Written test: Written test is not a big obstacle u can easily clear this round if you work out over aptitude from r.s.agrawal, puzzle from sakuntala devi, some English from barrons 12th edition. As I already told you its not so tough. Test consist 15 questions.


    Group discussion: the first thing about G D that you must have at least two or more entries, in discussion. In any case you should not sit idle. In my eyes Its acceptation that one of my selected due to good listener. Rarely it works so try to be a part of G D. some student who completed there schooling from hindi medium have fear so specially for them its not of significance,I m also from saraswati higher secondary school, where pranam type of words are used in place of wishes.    


    Interview session: the only thing I will suggest u that be confident and if you unable to answer some of the technical question then just reply sir this is my leaning state after some time really I?ll become fruitful.



    I got selected in ?sat-yam? computers as a s\w engineer , it was  really very best moment ever I realized in life, here I will discuss about what happened with me at the front of interviewer ? now it was my luck that the person who were going to take my interview was already familiar with at the time of my group discussion session, this really excites me,


    after this I got more confidence, that I can easily put my thought in front of the hr person his name was kumar sacchidanand , when I was enter in G D room then sir told us start G D from your choice then the guys from LNCT college just offer us to express their thoughts on sensex & share market I found these are from same college & they are well prepared for this topic then I was cut-short them & told to sir , that sir they are pre planned on this topic please offer a topic from your side, then he gave us the topic that was corporate leader verses political leader I found it was better topic than previous one guy from Lnct start favoring corporate leader then my class mate chetan opposes his according to him political leader are better one then it was my chance then I was not favoring a single one , my dialogues was-according to me if both leader work together & both having specific importance on specific place no one can replace the other, for if corporate not support the nation by filling taxes then nation cant develop, conclusion of my statement was both are important for nation & there having no comparison between them. The time of g d session I got little aggressive, then I found the answer of this at the time of my interview.



    This is the time of my interview as I had already told u I was lucky the interviewer was same whom I phase in G D session. When I entered in room I was smiling then he asked me why u r smiling then I told sir u r familiar with me we met at G D session, & I m confident that my interview is going to be very well, then he offer me chair very politely & confidently I seated , he put his first question why u got aggressive at the time of G D then I told sir my vocal chords were not working properly ?& I am suffering from sour throat in this due to this I thought my voice is not clear & I was trying to communicate them, and got aggressive surprised by his comments you know one thing I told what sometimes we need aggressive person in our company, just tell me about your technical skills then I told sir you can ask any question from anywhere because I was confident one by one he put many question & I was able to answer maximum from them it was very best moment for me. in last he asked if I will not select you after this performance then what you?ll do, then I told sir I cant do anything each and everything in your hand if I will tell you I will prepare more than this it is bookies thing sir this is my whole presentation in front of you. Then he stands and hug me and told you know why I asks this question ,I just want to check your confidence that u r confidence or over confidence. I found u r good for our company, never a person got his result at interview desk but I m telling you don?t wait for morning result enjoy your party tonight. By this all experience I just want to TELL you be confident in front of interviewer this only can reach you, ?in your path to glory?


    *Best of luck*?????..

    Thanking you

    keshav garg

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