Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   GGITS,Jabalpur-23 Feb 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   General - Interview   GGITS,Jabalpur-23 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends. Satyam came to Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences (G.G.I.T.S), Jabalpur on 23rd February. My college and 15 other colleges of Madhya Pradesh participated in it. Firstly it had an aptitude test, resume and essay writing, and then interview.

    The aptitude round had 15 questions, which were to be done in 30 minutes. There were around 1100 students. The paper was a difficult one.
    Questions were not easy rather of high standard.  One has to have good understanding of complicated language quantitative and logical reasoning questions. One should attend the questions with a cool head and patience.
    Questions were from topics such as:
    2)Permutation and combination
    3) Geometry
    4)Logical reasoning
    5)Missing number
    6)Time and work
    7) etc
    There was negative marking. Time management is very important. The results were announced the same day. Out of 1100 candidates 384 were selected.

    Then there was an essay writing round which was not an elimination round but to just check the grammar and basic knowledge of English. In HR questions related to the essay were asked. Make sure to have a good handwriting and no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the essay.
    There were 13 topics, few of them were,
    a) Appreciation of rupee over dollar
    b) Love versus arrange marriage
    c) Impact of movie ?Chak de? on your life( my topic)
    d) Effect of league formation on cricket

    15 minutes were given to complete the essay.

    Then I was called for HR round. The interviewer was gentle, polite and friendly, so he did not make me nervous. He did not asked technical questions. He asked questions like:
    · ?Tell me about yourself.?
    · Asked whether I had seen ?Chak De?.
    · Asked its story
    · Asked my opinion on the leaders of India
    · Asked me for any case study I had done related to technology.

    Be polite and fluent in English and do not stop while speaking. I did so, that impressed him (I think so) Be CALM and please do not tell lies or try to bluff. That is, be HONEST and CONFIDENT. Out if 384, 114 cleared the interview.

    I think having a confident attitude on the face while the interview is important. To my amazement the interviewer did not even opened my CV but started questioning me as soon as I got in the room. But be prepared to the subjects you are writing in your CV.

    By god's grace, I am a SATYAMITE study hard and pray harder. It?s a game of luck. ALL THE BEST.
    See you at SATYAM!

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