Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -11 Jun 2005

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -11 Jun 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I had a campus test of satyam on 11th june 2005.
    there are 3 rnds
    1. logical aptitude test
    2. gd
    3. tech and hr (interview)

    rnd 1. there were 15 questions
    some questions like
    1. question on simple interest.

    2. question on average .

    3. question on probability(RS aggarwal--> bulb question that how
    many bulb will be good .

    4. question on verbal coding very kijn is coded as ljko

    5,6. question on logical reasoning
    like two statements are given tell the assumption in statements.

    7. a graph of company was given to find the average of four yrs

    8. series question n,t easy.
    like some series was given and series was modified four times with
    some logic . and one series was given find the series after four
    steps with applying same logic.

    9. one more logical question
    like grouping
    l can,t go with p.
    m cant go with n.
    like that that was easy but tricky.

    10.question on cube

    11-15 some questions i didn,t read them becos they were looking

    suggestion for preparation
    do RS aggarwal but don,t rely on that too much

    also do IMS cat material . becos evry question was tricky.
    i attempt 11 questions n i cleared the test .
    remember there is also a upper cutoff , my friend did 15th right he
    was out , and mind that there is negetive marking so don,.t make
    guesses .
    attemp atleast 10-11 questions but try to be them right .
    even in my college a girl was seleced she had done only 6 qus but
    they were right . one more thing they also check accuracy

    for logical questions do IMS logical mannual and if possible do
    BARRON LOGICAL QUESTIONS . there were some direct questions from

    2. GD

    1. dress code in college.
    2. home wife of carrer woman.
    3. vulgarity in movies.
    4. mecy killing should be allowed or n,t .
    5. extra marrital realationships.

    i failed in GD ,it is totally luck. it,s totally subjective depends
    on pannel
    becos they cleared only 1-2 from each group of 10
    in my group of 10 only 4 persons were speaking including me but they
    took only 2 i was out .
    wht i suggest they r n,t looking more on communication skills as
    comared to points on topic u speak so better to give new points to

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