Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 Jan 1900

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 Jan 1900

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello ,

    240 from three depts(CSE,ECE,EEE) attended test.30 questions of LAT (LOGICAL APTITUDE TEST) in 45 minutes?..MANIT paper repeated.But i didnt prepare that paper.

    60 shortlisted for GD.8 batches with 7 or 8 in each.
    GD topics:
    1.Is kashmir silten after election.(its for me) marriage vs arranged marriage
    3.Osama,saddem who is next..
    4.Is sonia gandhi capable to become a PM
    5.job opportunities high in india or foriegn.
    6.Is india in right track about Ayodhya.
    7.cola war.

    23 shortlisted for interview.
    13 are finally selected.
    5- CSE
    6- ECE
    2- EEE

    Persons from Satyam are
    1.Ranganathan HR manager -very rude,arrogant,rough....
    2.Ravi -Senior consult 
    3.sathish kannan -HR overcine..
    4.Manoj -banking&finance
    5.Giri srinivasan-Senior consult 

    In interview,more technical less HR.More than 50 mins.Three per panel.
    Questions came generally from:
    OS,C,C++,java,DBMS,tranforms,Web based Qs,less Data structure Qs,VB.
    A girl in EEE is asked to write JAVA AWT hiarierchy.
    Other than HR manager,very one was very cordial,friendly.

    My questions in interview: name native place you landed up in vellore
    4.about your family
    5.your fav subject
    6.Rate yourself for mark 10
    8.diff between process & thread and where to use them
    9.fav lang-i said C 
    10.strong in -pointers
    11.diff between array & pointer
    12.explain ENUM datatype & give a realtime eg
    13.diff between strut & union
    14.diff between procedure & trigger
    15.about tablespace
    16.about my miniproject
    17.diff between array & linked list how adv is LL searching is done in search engine
    19.diff between malloc & calloc NEW is adv over them
    21.explain inheritance & polymorphism
    22.command to create PIPE,semaphore etc
    23.about CMM who give them and on what basis

    I did not perform well.
    Results were announced and i got selected. 

    Thank you thank you very much for your guidance.You have long been an inspiration for me.thank you.

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