Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 Jan 1900

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 Jan 1900

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Selection procedure:


    Half an hour aptitude test comprising of 15 questions, each correct question carries a single mark and a wrong question has a 1/4 negative marks i.e-1/4.


        Remember negative marking will be there, don?t try to guess the answers. First choose the questions which are easy and not lengthy. Believe   me many question were very easy but only thing is they will try to confuse you .


      Written test is only APTITUDE .Does not contain any technical questions.Most of the questions were from  ?QUATITATIVE APTITUDE BY R.S AGGARWAL? and ?SHAKUNTALA DEVI?S PUZZLE BOOKS?. No verbal questions i.e no synonyms and antonyms.


    I don?t remember the all the questions ,I am sending all the questions I remember but not in order.


    a) Question on Data interpretation  :  Question no. 12   FROM PAGE 514 

    b) Question on Data interpretation  :  Question no. 3     FROM PAGE 492

    c) Question on series :


           97, 114, 133, ?


      Ans:  154


    d) Question of series but there were numbers instead of numbers. I don?t remember the series but I just give a idea of such question.


         R, T, P, R, U , P , ?



    e) Question on counting the number of triangles ,given a big diagram.


    f)One Question was like this:


               if bag of black and white balls are given and told you to pick any two if they are of same color throw them out and add a single ball of other color from the infinitely available pool. if this process of throwing out 2 and adding 1 continues, then eventually the bag gets emptied. if the exact status of number of black and  white balls are given then ,==èsome question was given and answers had 3 choices


          i) black    ii)white    iii)data is not sufficient


    g) Very first question had 11 sentences, If  figures out a number. you need to use these sentences and find that number.




    1)      Either  11 sentence is true or 10 sentence

    2)      Any one of sentence 8 or nine is false.

    3)      ??.


    10)the required number is a perfect quare

    11)the required number is a odd number


        some stuff like this. These type of question takes much time. Attend  such questions at last.


    h)   Question on finding the door numbers of two friends. some 5 or 6 conditions were given. similar kind of problem can be found in ?SHAKUNTHALA DEVI PUZZLE BOOKS?


    I  remember  only these many questions.I don?t know whether they are going to repeat the same paper or not but one thing the pattern and the types of questions will be same as I even compared to the previous question papers available in CHETANA PAPERS.



    Group discussion:


    The main elimination round of the SATYAM . Each group contains 8 members.For my batch HR asked us to suggest us the topic and all 8 suggested 8 topics out of which HR choose a topic and it was ? DO YOU PREFER ABROAD EDUCATION OR INDIAN EDUCATION ? We were given two minute time to note down the points.


                     I thought Indian education is good but many would go for that topic. so  I thought of arguing toward the ABROAD EDUCATION and I started the discussion. As I  thought earlier all the 7 were towards INDIAN EDUCATION  and only I was against it. So I got much of the opportunity to speak and argue. i was defending all the 7. Discussion was very nice. The discussion went on for 15 ? 20 minutes( a bit long time compared to other as our discussion for good).Even HR was very friendly and he also participated as one of the participant which gave me still more confidence.


    TIPS for GD:


    a)      Be careful while you choose to discuss towards the topic or against the topic.

    b)      Predict how others may depend and write downs short points in a scrap paper.

    c)      If possible try to start first , if not no problem but try to speak atleast not keep mum.

    d)      Be fixed to your attitude, it is if the opposite person argues strongly don?t leave your topic go towards others.

    e)      Never be in a neutral state i.e talking both towards as well as against. One  girl in our batch did so. She was accepting both the arguments and she was eliminated.

    f)        It?s a discussion don?t make it as DEBATE ,be cool. Don?t  jump on others. They test your patience too when you are at heavy argument.Patience doesn?t mean silence but talk smoothly , try to convince your offenders.

    g)      Always have a smiling face, that will carry you towards the success.

    h)      Finally don?t forget the conclude the discussion highlighting your strong points.





     Finally technical and HR round were together.


    These questions surely based on the person who interviews you.


    TECHINICAL:- Explanation of your project will a must, Only Project which you have done in your final sem will be considered and you need to face many questions on your project.So brush  up your final sem project well.


    Questions on FAFL .


    A)    Define FINATE AUTOMATA

    B)     NFA

    C)    DFA



    Questions on c,c++


               malloc,calloc,  their differences,syntax




      Process scheduling algorithms (ex:- round robin ????)

      Virtual memory

      Cache memory




        Routing algorithms.


    Many more questions which I don?t remember.YOUR CONFIDENCE PLAYS A KEY ROLE.




    As usual








                             If any one got use of this information just intimate me,

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